Bringing people and nature together with eco-friendly green technology

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- Winning 2023 Korea Future Management Awards in Ecofriendly Plant category

▲ Ecoane / CEO Seunggu Yoo

Ecoane is a company that pursues the happiness of humans and nature. The company manufactures, sells, and rents plant systems based on the “closed circulation drying method” that can effectively recycle and reduce various wastes that pollute the global environment and are costly to treat, with low energy costs and no odor. It also operates waste treatment plants and provides BTO services to local governments.

CEO Seunggu Yoo emphasizes that in a time when greenhouse gas reduction and ESG management are important, the technology developed by Ecoane is an eco-friendly that can dramatically reduce waste disposal costs.

“For highly hydrated wastes such as food waste, animal manure, sewage, and wastewater, removing moisture without odor and at low energy cost is the most important issue and necessary technology. We have the technology to dry them without odor, followed by the technology to feed, fertilize, and energize the dried waste depending on its nature and composition. We can also contribute to greenhouse gas reduction and resource circulation policies by energizing the treated carbons with the critical mass principle and hydrolysis technology.”


Dispose of waste effectively and at a lower cost

Recognized from a wide range of organizations

Waste generates more severe odors during the treatment process, causing constant complaints. However, companies and organizations using Ecoane’s closed circulation drying system not only create a pleasant environment by effectively treating waste at a low cost and without odor, but also gain high satisfaction and trust from customers because no complaints occur. The company generates additional revenue by treating and recycling various wastes according to their nature and composition.

The company, which has been leading the waste recycling market with technology and know-how accumulated over a decade, has been recognized for its innovative technology through various certifications and awards, including the 10th Korea Green Energy Excellence Award, the Idea Award at the Green Energy Town Public Idea Contest, and the 4th Korea New Creator Award (Environmental Plant Category). The company also won the Ecofriendly Plant category at the 2023 Korea Future Management Awards.

In January of this year, the company signed a strategic business agreement with Doohyun ENC, and has been receiving great interest and calls from various regions. The company also signed a technology agreement with Japan’s EMI, a developer of waste hydrolysis treatment devices, to transfer technology and exclusively manufacture and sell them in Korea.

Hydrolysis is a waste treatment method that uses high pressure and temperature to break the molecular bonds of domestic, business, medical, and marine wastes that rely on landfills and incineration to become small molecules. This is the best technology and its advantage is that it produces very little fine dust, dioxins, sulfur compounds, nitrogen oxides, and odors as the waste to be incinerated is treated and recycled.


A new paradigm to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is needed

Bringing people and nature together with green technology

Ecoane plans to acquire a recycling site to build a processing and manufacturing facility to generate additional revenue, and is on track for full-scale growth starting this year.

The company has been getting the occasional call from overseas, but will be looking to expand more aggressively in the first half of next year.

“We are also planning to carry out technology transfer business in exchange for a small technology fee.The purpose of introducing our facilities overseas is various. The first is because they are starting to discharge food waste separately and need food waste recycling facilities. There are also countries that lack compost and want to produce compost by harvesting corn stalks and other crops and mixing them with food waste. There are also countries that want to produce biogas through pyrolysis after drying and use it. It’s important to recognize that waste needs to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. In the next two to three years, we expect to see a surge in the adoption of systems like ours in developing countries, and we see a very bright business outlook.”

Ecoane plans to lead the way in dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions by treating and recycling all wastes in an eco-friendly manner by creating environmental towns in the Seoul metropolitan area and Yeonghonam region, while spreading the company’s system to treat domestic and business wastes.

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