Dugolbi corrects underlying structures to contour facial asymmetries

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- A new paradigm for the skin care industry

▲ Osteo Artho Manipulation Association / President Heekyung Lee

Facial asymmetry is when an imaginary center line is drawn across the face, and the two sides of the face are different shapes or sizes. Facial asymmetry is a common facial condition found in many people, with cheekbones, chin, eyebrow height, and corner of the mouth positioning varying from side to side, but when asymmetry becomes severe, it not only affects appearance, but is also associated with a number of health problems, including body imbalances.

Heekyung Lee, President of the Osteo Arthro Manipulation Association, who created Dugolbi, a craniofacial asymmetry contouring device in Busan, Korea, is attracting attention for managing facial asymmetry by correcting the underlying structure of the bone.


Developed Dugolbi therapy through theoretical and clinical study of bones

Lee, who has been in the aesthetics industry for 28 years, specializing in human body care, was inspired to create Dugolbi after studying the human body and bones. 

“I felt limited when I first studied muscles, fascia, and nerves, so I started studying bones to get satisfactory results,” said Lee. “I thought I should create a program that can correct facial bones by looking at the bones in the whole body, reading them, seeing their condition, and learning the process of correcting and changing them.”

Lee didn’t just study bones, but also met with the strongest practitioners of alternative medicine, gained a variety of knowledge, and proved it by combining theory and actual clinical trials to create the current Dugolbi program.

The Dugolbi program, a craniofacial asymmetry contouring program, manages asymmetries in the face, which is a control box on the body, such as misaligned cheekbones, different eye sizes, inverted chin, and one-sided mouth. It is a manual therapy that uses only the hands, not other devices or cosmetics, to align the cranial and facial bones, which are interlocked like cogs.

“Cranial asymmetry contouring is a treatment that corrects the balance of the face and body by addressing more fundamental and structural issues, rather than treating soft tissues such as skin,” Lee said. “By moving the structure, balancing it and increasing homeostasis (immunity), it improves not only the face but also the body. You can get results in 30 minutes to an hour, and it doesn’t have to be hard or painful at all.”

Dugolbi is going viral for its effectiveness and gaining industry attention, with people coming from all over the country to learn.


The Dugolbi association is born to help grow salons

“I started the association to help one-person salon owners establish themselves and become financially independent through the Dugolbi program,” said Lee. “Our members are very satisfied because Dugolbi management is effective and competitive.”

Lee runs a 10-week cranial training course for people who are preparing to open an aesthetic (skin care) shop or need a new beauty management program

In this three-part course, you’ll learn to relax the primary deep muscles that control facial structure and form in Part 1. Part 2 addresses the face and skull, and its associated cervical spine and rib cage. Finally, in Part 3, you’ll work on the muscular fascia that runs from the face through the neck to the upper extremities.

Lee said they leave the door open to continue listening after the 10-week course is completed, so students can take classes until they are satisfied and learning.

Launched last August, the Osteo Artho Manipulation Association has disrupted the skincare industry and has grown rapidly, with more than 100 certified member clinics nationwide. In addition to the headquarters of the official training center for Dugolbi contours in Busan, instructors are trained in each city across the country to create local Dugolbi specialized training centers and conduct training.

If you are a one-person aesthetic skin care business, Dugolbi training can be a great way to boost your sales. In fact, there are shops that have consistently maintained sales in the 10 million won range after receiving Dugolbi training, and there are shops with sales of up to 3,000 to 4,000 million won per month.

“Even beginners can easily start a business by learning craniosacral therapy,” said Lee, “I have been running a shop for 28 years. I want to help one-person shop owners who are struggling alone.”

Although she receives many collaboration offers from large stores and franchise brands, she focuses her professional development program on helping small shop owners who are struggling to run a one-person shop.

Lee, who is committed to promoting Dugolbi’s management, said she wants to further promote K-beauty not only in Korea but also overseas, including China, Vietnam, and the United States.

“We are participating in skin care fairs in Korea to spread the word about Dugolbi, and we are also planning to launch cosmetics,” said Lee. “Next year, we will go to a fair in Singapore.”

“I work with a sense of calling and responsibility to understand each client’s condition and history, and then provide appropriate care to address and improve underlying issues,” she said.

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