Seoul-ASEAN international youth exchange exhibition ‘Children of Asia’ Opens

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- Asian cultural exchange in conjunction with the 19th Korea Youth Art Exhibition


Aspiring artists who are cultivating their own aesthetic sensibilities need more international exposure to broaden their horizons. In August this year, the Korea Youth Arts Association partnered with the Korea Youth Art Exhibition to bring the opportunity to local and international artistic aspirants.


‘Children of Asia’

On August 8, the Seoul-ASEAN youth exchange exhibition ‘Children of Asia’ was held at Nodle Gallery 2 in Seoul. It was hosted by the Korea Youth Arts Association. The Association is a non-profit corporation founded in 1968 that organizes and hosts seminars, lectures, and events to cultivate emotions through youth art education and expand the art population. Children of Asia received over 3,000 submissions from domestic and international students this year. 


50 win a prize

The screening board screen the works submitted for the whole month of June. Head of the judge Jongim Baek said “The fact that we had twice as many entries as last year suggests that there is more interest in art than ever before.” Along with the two of the Education Minister’s prize and the Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister’s prize, eight Korea Fine Arts Association Chairman’s prizes, 10 Excellence prizes, and 30 gold prizes were selected and awarded on July 21. Korea Youth Arts Association Director Boonam Jang said “The winning works have raised the profile of Korean youth, and we will take the lead in the development, promotion, and international exchange of Korean art.” 


Exhibited over 100 domestic and international youth artworks

Children of Asia showcased 50 artworks by 50 Korean youth, 20 artworks by 10 Vietnamese youth, and 39 artworks by 13 Indonesian youth, and many more. Through this event, youth from each country enjoyed food and K-pop as well as art exchanges while appreciating each other’s work. Prof. Nguyen Trung Ling from Vietnam and artist Jiu Shin from Indonesia also participated. Jiu Shin said “I am very excited to participate in the exhibition. Thank you very much for the opportunity to be a part of this meaningful event.”


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