2023 Seoul Art Fair, a celebration of artists with resonance!

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- Reinvigorate the art world with youth and local artists


Art fairs are not only a place for artists to showcase their work, but also a place for visitors to view and purchase artwork, making it an art festival. The secon Seoul Art Fair was held on July 13 at SETEC in Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. More than 30 galleries participated, including Japan’s G2 Gallery, SONAMOO Gallery, Joy Art Gallery, Gallery Hans, Gallery Artvent, Saeoreum Gallery, and Togal Gallery. More than 300 officials and artists participated, including Seoul Art Fair Chairperson Boonam Jang, and Nohwon Art Association President Cho Doyeon Cho. Featured artists include Youngsoo Lee, Jongim Baek, Changwan Kim, Leena Kang, Miyoung Park, Mija Kim, Youngmo Jeong, and Namsoo Kim. 


Artist Jongim Baek, “It makes the event more meaningful for citizens”

Jongim Baek, who served as the vice chairman of the Seoul Art Fair organizing committee, worked to ensure the fair’s stability while holding her own solo exhibition. She has won grand prizes at the Grand Art Exhibition of Korea and Mokwoohoe International Art Fair, two of the leading competitions for Korean painters. In this exhibition, she also showed a variety of powerful works along with “Flower Story” that touched many people. “The Seoul Art Fair, now in its second year, has become an opportunity for citizens to see beautiful artworks and be inspired by them. This year’s exhibition featured more artists than in previous years, and it was a chance for many newcomers to make their debut, making the event even more meaningful.” 


Young artists BADBOSS, Yunjeong Park, Sungjae Lee and Ahneong blew in fresh air in the art world

This year’s Seoul Art Fair encouraged the participation of promising young artists. Six local artists were selected by the Goseong Cultural Foundation in Gangwon-do Province, and more than 20 young and local artists participated. Pop artists BADBOSS, Yunjeong Park, Sungjae Lee, Ahneong, and many more graced the event from the 13th to the 15th. Kyungjun Yoo, chairman of the People’s Power Party Seoul said in his congratulatory speech ““I sincerely congratulate the Seoul Art Fair for growing from its beginnings last year to a large-scale event with even more artists participating this year. It is said that all artists dip their brushes into their souls, and I hope that the works that have been created will resonate with many visitors.”


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