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- Winning 2023 Korea Future Management Awards in the Producing Network category


The status of K-pop is growing day by day, with Korean ranked third among the 10,000 most streamed songs in the United States in the first half of this year. K-pop is now emerging as a major player in the global music market, ranked 4th after English, Spanish, and Hindi in the top 10,000 streaming songs worldwide. In terms of sales volume, six K-pop albums occupy the top 10 albums in the US market. Along with this growth, the importance of music producers is increasing. In order for K-pop’s success to continue, a system that can discover a wider range of fields and more talent is needed.


Developing producers through demo song matching

SoundJungle is a platform for music producers

SoundJungle is a platform that helps discover, educate, and match K-Pop producers. SoundJungle’s members include producers with diverse backgrounds, ranging from in-house producers at large entertainment companies to music freelancers and emerging producers. While working as an in-house producer at YG Entertainment, SoundJungle CEO Haechan Yoon recognized that while K-pop was growing, there was a lack of community among producers as well as producer training. Yoon said “Music creation often revolved around personal connections. Networks are important, but I’ve always thought of ways for people who don’t have opportunities because they don’t have networks to get their skills tested and become better.” One of SoundJungle’s most important features is the ability to transmit and match demo songs between producers. Through this function, which won the Hankook Ilbo patent award, when an agency requests music production guidelines, Sound Jungle recommends a suitable producer and produces and supplies demo songs. A function that will allow all producers affiliated with SoundJungle to continue production and release is also scheduled to be launched at the end of this year. 


▲ SoundJungle / CEO Haechan Yoon

Expanding training and collaboration

Cooperation between producers home and abroad

CEO Yoon hosts or participates in K-pop producing seminars and song camps at home and abroad to form a network of producers and support them in strengthening their capabilities. “Sound Jungle wants to play a role in creating the future at the center of music. Our goal is not just to stay in the K-pop market. We discover and nurture outstanding producers around the world so that they can produce not only K-pop but also various other fields. “It’s about allowing them to unleash their talents in any genre of music.” SoundJungle has now become a platform with over 700 producers. Being recognized its innovative ideas and practices, SoundJungle received the Grand Prize at the 2023 Korea Future Management Awards in the Producing Network category. “SoundJungle contributes to improving the diversity and creativity of the global music industry and aims to provide a platform where producers can actively participate and grow. As part is this effort, we will be expanding our global producer networking.”


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