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In a time when there is an overabundance of products and information, it is important to point out the right values. Once a piece of information is released online, it can spread around the world in a matter of minutes, and while this has increased the effectiveness of marketing, it has also increased the risk of backfire. 


Upgrading values for more than 3,000 clients for 16 years through expertise and trust

Oketingholdings is a comprehensive advertising company that has been adding value to more than 3,000 of its clients for 16 years regardless business types. CEO Duhwan Oh leads Oketingholdings, a business that encompasses various business areas that have been fragmented. Oketing Laboratory, Korea Online Advertisement Laboratory, Korea Medical Marketing Association, Korea Marketing Ad Association, Good Doctor Networks, Personal Focus, Korea Medical Newspaper, E’cleeda, Gonggam Planning, Daehan Publishing Company, Hwakppaeda Network, Dr.sWell’s, Leechadol Sanbon Station Branch, Stopia Study Cafe, 30 Seconds Beach Ara Pension, Money Today Corporate Certification Center, Talent Development & Education Association, and Korea Professional Instructor Development Institute belong to Oketingholdings. Oketingholdings also operates YouTube channels ‘Kingmaker Oh Du Hwan’, ‘Dream Seekers’, and ‘Knowledge Portal’ to increase accessibility to consulting and branding to the general public. Oketingholdings is engaged in business related to hospital CS (hospital management and counseling education) and the Korea Nobel Science Forum. In addition, it plans to establish the National Economic Development Promotion Agency, Korea Innovative Gifted Education Institute (social cooperative), Innovative Gifted Academy (international school), and Good Presbyterian Church. His eight books, including ‘The Eight Principles of Advertising’ is known for bestsellers and college textbook. He has lectured at KBS, the National Health Insurance Service, the National Strategy Institute, and over 30 universities, appeared on several broadcast, had million views on YouTube, and holds two certificates as a regular teacher, and is a professor at Myungji University. He has driven success through marketing for a variety of businesses, including 18 of his own, and with over 100 experts on staff, he delivers the most authentic marketing to increase the value of companies, people, and brands. 


Advertisements that work

Patented marketing technique

No matter how good a product is, it will not sell if it does not showcase its strengths, and bad marketing can actually create a bad perception in the minds of consumers by emphasizing its weaknesses. Oketingholdings has a patented advertising technique that can make consumers choose a product, person, or brand, and it is his book, The Eight Principles of Advertising. The eight principles are: let the consumer “Seek,” “Approach,” “Think,” “Need,” “Desire,” “Buy,” “Satisfy,” and “Preach. This allows you to emphasize your strengths and make your weaknesses look like strengths. A company official said “Bad marketing is stripped down to its essence. An advertising that starts with low value creates a negative brand by promoting ‘not good’.” The company starts marketing by increasing the value of the brand itself. It uses all methods of marketing, including branded channels, press/branding production, branded homepage, search exposure, search ads, promotional videos, and experience groups, and customized plan for different budget.


Increase the value of your “me” brand

Oketing, Personal Branding

Recently, the field of marketing has expanded to include marketing not just companies, products, or brands, but also individuals. Oketingholdings is using Oketing and research to provide personal branding that stands out from the crowd. This personal branding is a completely different solution provided directly by CEO Oh, who has given more than 51,000 lectures/consulting/branding over 16 years. It is not just a suggestion, but a coaching solution that produces results. Oh provides exclusive coaching on mindset, direction, mentality, self-confidence, analysis of existing history and new career history required for personal branding, and the right to participate in group talent networking is granted. When writing a column for personal branding, the person’s hidden and new history is exposed through retouching by a current reporter, listing as an advisor, matching the appearance video with Naver profile information, providing curriculum and matching lectures, and exposing it to the media so that more people can see it. Oh is the head of more than 60 news distribution and media agencies and serves as the head of the Money Today Corporate Certification Center. He is also in charge of opening and managing the KakaoTalk channel and managing the personal branding through brand verification to keep the branding rolling. Oh said “Don’t waste any more time on advertising, just do what you do best. We will take responsibility for difficult advertising.”


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