An apology that must be practiced in 21st century Korea

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I would like to talk about apples. Everyone makes mistakes. If you make a mistake, the other person feels uncomfortable. At this time, I need to think about whether I should apologize for what I said or what I did that made the other person feel uncomfortable. In other words, you only need to keep in mind who you are apologizing for and then apologize for that only. You can say that you are sorry for the inconvenience caused by saying something wrong or doing something wrong.

In our society, there are many stories about good and evil. In my opinion, the concept of inherently evil does not actually exist. So what is evil? It becomes evil when the other person feels uncomfortable. When I see something delicious and want to eat it even though it is not mine, the original owner feels uncomfortable when I eat it, like, ‘It’s mine, but my friend is eating it.’ Good does not mean that the other person does not feel uncomfortable. This means that you shouldn’t do anything that makes the other person feel uncomfortable.

For the same reason, the basis of good and evil lies in each other. The other person should not feel uncomfortable. Also, I shouldn’t be uncomfortable. I think this is wrong morally, religiously, and historically, but if you feel remorse when doing something, it cannot be good.

It is written that something is bad religiously, historically, or ethically, but if you say ‘that’s okay’ and act according to your standards, it becomes evil. Also, I shouldn’t feel morally uncomfortable or psychologically reluctant. So, I think the concept of good and evil should be one that does not cause inconvenience to the other person, myself, and third parties.

Today, Korea is divided by conflict and confrontation. Everyone is crazy and thinking, ‘Let’s curse.’ These days, whenever I watch YouTube or TV, everyone is excitedly criticizing others by revealing their weaknesses, shortcomings, and mistakes. It soon becomes impossible to be concise and harmonious. When has Korean society ever been as divided and conflicted as it is now?

Here’s how we can heal it and achieve peace. First, you need to get rid of the habit of pointing out other people’s mistakes. Complaining and criticizing only what is wrong without being grateful causes each person to go their own way, preventing harmony, and encouraging division and conflict.

The same goes for political parties. The same goes for social organizations. The same goes for civic groups. If everyone acknowledges and praises each other, will there be division and conflict? Will there be a fight?

Every person and every organization has strengths and weaknesses. Oddly enough, we have been trained in a strange way of not talking about the positives. Instead of pointing out or criticizing others’ shortcomings, find their strengths and praise them. Then, will there be a conflict with that person?

When we acknowledge, praise, and allow each other, what is called tolerance is acknowledged and accepted. It will be comforting. At that time, I believe that Korean society can become more unified and achieve a peaceful society.

To apologize, you only need to acknowledge and apologize for what you said or did wrong that hurt your feelings.

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