Samsung Electronics Introduces Bispoke Rug for Married Customers

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- New 'Samsung Eco Friends' accessories showcase eco-friendly personalities


Samsung Electronics Introduces Bispoke Rug for Married Customers

Samsung Electronics announced the launch of BESPOKE RUG, a promotion to create and give away rugs equal to the actual floor space of home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and TVs. The detailed dimensions of the products are listed in 7 categories and 10 types, so you can consider the movement and structure of the appliances in the actual space without measuring with a tape. According to data from Statistics Korea and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, apartments, which account for 64% of all housing units in Korea, have an average living area of 74.4 square meters, while the living area of newlyweds is 27.5 square meters, which is smaller than the 33.9 square meters of a typical household. The Bispoke Rug focused on this. If you use the Bispoke Rug as an interior accessory and want to purchase the product, you can easily do so through the Direct to Consumer (D2C) tag attached to the rug, and when the QR code is scanned by a smart device, you will be directed to to purchase the product. The company will be giving away the Bispoke Rug to all participants in its new home appliance campaign, which runs from August through the end of November. To enter, newlyweds can visit the event page.


New 'Samsung Eco Friends' accessories showcase eco-friendly personalities

Samsung introduced the new Samsung Eco-Friends accessory to more than 40 countries around the world, and officially started selling it in Korea on August 17. These are accessories such as phone cases and wearable straps that debuted last year and feature materials such as recycled plastics and vegan leather, including more than 40% post-consumer material (PCM). It was designed by Samsung's Future Generation Lab, a group of young employees in their 20s around the world, to reflect the needs of the younger generation and help expand sales through Samsung's mobile accessory partnership program. In collaboration with mobile accessory company Slash B Slash, the company will introduce 55 accessories with eight IPs in Korea, including works and characters by popular artists such as Toilet Paper, Keith Haring, and Smiley, and BTS Dynamite and Stray Kids. The Toilette Paper Edition is designed by an Italian creative studio known for its original and sensual style, and includes a rose graphic, which is new this year, and a lipstick graphic, which is popular with Gen MZ. These accessories are available at Samsung Gangnam and Slash B Slash online stores.

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