Nice Plug is the new powerhouse in the EV charging canopy!

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According to an analysis by Reuters, global EV sales are expected to grow 27.1% year-on-year this year. As we enter the era of electric vehicles, the market for charging infrastructure is also growing rapidly, most notably charging canopies.


Nice Plug has the best technology in the EV charger canopy

Nice Plug is a company that deals with all the equipment related to electric vehicle chargers. It supplies various products such as canopy, bollard, fire extinguisher and fire cannon. The company is recognized as having the most advanced technology in the country when it comes to canopy production. Nice Plug’s parent company is ThreeOne, a well-known company that has been making signs for over 30 years. The company has the best equipment and manpower in the country when it comes to designing and manufacturing steel signs, and Nice Plug is quick to apply these advantages to canopy design and manufacturing, and has recently become the biggest player in the electric vehicle charger canopy market. 



The canopy must be customized to the design of the charger and the location where it will be installed. If your charger is going to be installed outdoors, a canopy will help protect it from weather damage and malfunctions, ensuring that it remains highly durable for a long time. Aesthetics are also very important, and you can even advertise on the canopy. Nice Plug has all the technology and infrastructure needed to create a canopy, and it’s customizable accroding to needs and wants. Nice Plug has specialized laser drilling equipment that can easily cut and drill holes in even the most rigid steel plates, and 3D rendered designs are also available to quickly create perfectly customized products. Nice Plug CEO Dukwon Kang says “We have more than a dozen registered designs and technologies for making charger canopies, and we make canopies for everything from slow/quick chargers to stationary products.” The company supplies chargers to companies such as GS Chargv, Nice Charger, Cool Sign, and LG U+, and its products are installed in hospitals, golf courses, and public institutions. 


Over 20% cheaper than the competition

Nice Plug is rapidly gaining market share by offering high-quality products at a price that is more than 20% cheaper than other companies because all production is done in-house. Currently, there is a lot of interest in Nice Plug products in Vietnam and France, and the company aims to become a global canopy manufacturer.

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