Korea Association of Private Tutoring Study suggests a direction Korean private education should take

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- Winning 2024 Korea Education Industrial Awards


When it comes to education, South Korea is second to none. Going to a prestigious university is a promise of a bright future for the young and both students and especially their parents are pouring almost everything in their children’s education. This unprecedented passion for education in the nation partly came from private schools called hagwon. However, this for-profit hagwon has caused various problems losing its good intent. The emergence of the Korea Association of Private Tutoring Study naturally set sail in 2017 with a goal to build an academic and administrative foundation for private education to made a way for a socially beneficial path.


What is it for?

Researchers and educators with a master’s or doctor’s degree in the private sector gathered to form the association in 2017. They started with questions ‘What are the problems in the private education sector?’ and ‘Can researches bring a solution?’. Despite the fact that the private education market is worth 30 trillion won, related academic bodies or academic papers have been hardly found. Thus rolling up their sleeves, the members of the association have started researches and collective intelligence to build a foundation. 


Winning 2024 Korea Education Industrial Awards

They, first of all, felt the need of academic talents equipped with capabilities and expertise in the field and is running a support program for master’s and doctor’s courses. Secondly, they ask all members of the association business ethics. In December 2023, they introduced a code of ethics for both tutors and managers in order to make this official. It includes respect, essence of educational value, growth of learners, career development, and functions and roles of private education. It is scheduled to officially be announced February this year at a general meeting. Recognized for this effort, the association received the 2024 Korea Education Industrial Awards in the private research category. 

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