Are you running a frying business or need a brand new fryer? Ecosef will be a good choice!

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Many of us like fried food from chips to chickens. But not many will know a fryer can be a fire hazard. Rinnai Korea admitted that some of its fryer models can possibly cause a fire and recalled the models of around 40,000 for a check-up last year. The remains including the tar after frying must be cleaned once or twice in a day and neglecting it can lead to a fire. To solve this problem, Samyang EMC has brought up a solution: Ecosef.


Automated drainage removes the remains perfectly

Ecosef is a water-oil fryer. When you fry a chicken or a pork cutlet, it pushes the remains down to the water beneath the oil so that it can prevent the contamination. Boasting 12 patents for this, Samyang EMC’s Ecosef is loaded with automated drainage that removes the remains perfectly by circulating clean water and sending the remains out. 

“You can set the timer 1 or 2 hours and it will circulate clean water while let out the remains automatically. This way, you can keep the oil as fresh as new. Normally, you must change the oil once or twice a day and long used oil drops the freshness of the food and the piled remains including the tar can affect badly to you health. Using Ecosef can solve these problems and can save more than 30% oil also.” explains CEO Yongchan Kim

In other words, the cleaning is simple and easy. All you need to do is just add water during the break or after closed. Then the waster goes through the oil and takes the remains and salt down with it. Besides, when the temperature of the water goes more than 40°C, the water is circulated automatically to prevent temperature rise so that the fryer can run 24 hours continuously. First released on the market in 2013, Ecosef is received as one of the most innovative water-oil fryers in the nation.  


▲ Samyang EMC / CEO Yongchan Kim

Proven performance at e-mart

Ecosef is being used in many food businesses including half of the e-mart food courts nationwide with 35% reduced oil usage. This year, Samyang EMC is ambitious to change the fryers of all the e-mart food courts with Ecosef. Even more innovative is that the frying factory in Haenam-gun is installed with the Ecosef that also performs automatic packaging. Samyang EMC demonstrated Ecosef at the Franchise Expo 2024 in COEX, Seoul, and garnered attention of the industry. In fact, Ecosef has been exported the US, Canada and Europe while Singapore is showing an interest in both Ecosef and its automation system. 

“It is our goal to grow Samyang EMC as a global leader of fryer and cookware.” says Kim.

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