Customized care from customized experts Feliz Nursing Home set an example for what it takes to be a good nursing home

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- Winner of 2023 Social & Industrial Contribution Awards


South Korea is to see 9.5 million people aged over 65 sooner or later. Increased number of the aged need care facilities to accommodate. Naturally, nursing home businesses recently are growing rapidly in numbers. Meanwhile, Feliz Nursing Home is attracting attention by setting an example for what it takes to be a good nursing home.


Making a day happy

Feliz opened the door July 2022 in Ansan City with as clean and nice ambience as hotels alongside customized care services and programs. CEO Sukwon Youn majored in social welfare at Myongji University, took a Korea-Japan staff exchange training course before setting up a nursing home business. 

“I helped out my mother’s business at first. Then I took the director’s role of the Shared Living Families Association during which I felt the need of improvement in the industry, social awareness and advanced operation. That’s where my current business started to bud up.” says Youn.

One of the good things at Feliz is that elderlies can spend a day like normal people since it values highly of one’s preference in running a program. The activities are carried out in a small number of a group and the afternoon health care program in particular checks body status and ability to move alongside physical therapy, functional exercise, footbath, etc. They can rest in rooms designed to accommodate 1 to 4 persons and hygiene and sterilization are strictly managed on a regular basis. The beauty care team esppecially takes care of bathing, washing and nails. In order to maintain high operation standard, all staff members are trained weekly including team work training while training materials are streamed homepage and Youtube and communication is made on Naver band, Kakao talk and video call. 


▲ Feliz Nursing Home / CEO Sukwon Youn

Nothing but quality

Youn says that continuous research and challenges can make a better tomorrow in this time of rapidly changing society. As part of this effort, Feliz runs a supervisor and manager system alongside a membership to raise quality of services while activities are also made a line with local communities and charities. Elderlies with pet are also welcome. When asked future plan, Youn says that he plans to build a silver town or village where senior member of our society can lead a happy life. Recognized his passion and contribution in the field, Youn and his team listed Feliz in the winners of 2023 Social & Industrial Contribution Awards in the category of nursing home service.

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