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- before and after giving a birth

▲ Bareunmom Esthetics / Director Jiwon Lee

Pregnant women go through various changes in body shape, skin, skeleton and hormone before and after giving a birth. Neglegence on these symptoms can lead to a problem and some experience unnatural body shape or skeleton that cannot be easily turned back to normal. Therefore, appropriate pregnant care can not only keep the body roll but also symptoms such as edema.


Pregnant care provided by experts in a cozy room

Nestled in Jeonju City, Bareunmom Esthetics is a one man beauty shop providing premium massage services for body and face. Director Jiwon Lee stepped into this field at a postpartum care center and eve since has built 20 years of knowledge and experience. 

“Many of the pregnant suffered from pain and bent body shape and I especially focused on this. After years when I felt I was ready, I opened my own business to provide specifically for this” said Lee.

Lee has had qualified knowledge for beast feeding therapy, prenatal and postnatal care, Dear Mama diploma, growth therapy, body balance and second grade alternative medicine. 

“After giving a birth, moms grow interest in caring their child. So I also folcused on this and obtained necessary knowledge and technic of massage children to grow in balance” says Lee.


Pelvis and postpartum edema care

Before applying a massage, Lee gives an indepth analysis on one’s body shape and habit to bring up more effective solutions. Each session is for only one person only so customers do not need to wait or to encounter someone other than Lee. It is also an advantage that the room is spacious and quiet. 

Lee’s hand technic to correct the pelvis is especially good as it balances the skelecton and muscles to put them where they should be located.

“Periosteum and fascia helps nutrient move and waste release and also blocks attacts of germs and virus. Not releasing the waste of the body after giving a birth can possibly lead to troubles in skin or to obesity. Postpartum care should ideally be carred out within 100 days while edema within 3 months” recommends Lee.

Lee welcomes the pregnant from 16 weeks for its 90 minute whole body massage lasting until giving a birth. For those who are about to wed, Lee also offers a premium bridal massage. 


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