Dongyang Heavy Industries Forklift Unveils AGV-3WAY, Korea’s First Automated Guided Vehicle with Self-Developed Controller

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▲ Dongyang Heavy Industries Forklift / CEO Eunchul Jeong

Since 2022, the Serious Accidents Punishment Act has been in force. Cases such as the death of a man crushed by a 500kg battery and the Sohari factory fire have put business owners in a difficult situation. The penalties for business owners and managers are severe. Good news is that a man with 30 years of experience in business succeeded in launching the first unmanned three-way forklift truck in the nation. He is CEO of Dongyang Heavy Industries Forklift. CEO Eunchul Jeong*s technical skills in forklift hardware, and development director Minho Jeong*s research on unmanned forklifts have been combined to develop this innovative controller that is perfect for forklifts.


Helping logistics companies reduce costs and increase revenue

We visited Dongyang Heavy Industries Forklift’s headquarters in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do, to witness a demonstration of the AGV-3WAY, the first unmanned three-way forklift in Korea. “Unlike conventional forklifts, three-way forklifts are characterized by the fact that they do not require a turning space, allowing for narrower aisle widths and more racks to be installed,” said an official. “We are introducing the AGV-3WAY this year to drive efficiency and safety together. In the current AMR market, most AMRs are made with PLC controllers and ROS-listed operating systems. Our forklift trucks do not use PLCs but are equipped with self-developed controllers and have an error range of less than 10mm.

The biggest differentiator is that we can not only reduce the price based on this technology, but also respond immediately to repairs because our CS team is deployed when repairs occur. At the actual site, the WMS can be linked to AMR for 24-hour operation, and high-specification WIFI can be installed and used together. We are confident that this lineup can solve both business performance and labor shortages.” Dongyang Heavy Industries Forklift CEO Eunchul Jeong is an engineer with 30 years of experience, and director Minho Jeong, who is in charge of research and development of the unmanned three-way forklift system, is a 22-year veteran who has participated in the development of unmanned golf cars, unmanned robots, and the three-model K9 self-propelled gun project. CEO Jeong said “Following on from our demonstration in September, we are pleased to announce the AGV-3WAY automated guided vehicle. We are very pleased to be able to present it directly to representatives of large warehouses, rental companies and manufacturers. With the launch of the three-way AGV, we hope to automate warehouse processes and contribute to safety, cost reduction, and revenue growth.

As an engineer, I have been working hard to ensure that we are able to provide immediate after-sales service anywhere and anytime through complete local development. From next year, we will expand our AGV lineup and introduce the 2024 Reach AGV.” 

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