Samsung Electronics celebrates its 54th anniversary

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- Samsung Electronics promotes Bespoke Cube Air


Samsung Electronics celebrates its 54th anniversary

Samsung Electronics held a ceremony commemorating its 54th anniversary with about 400 executives and employees in attendance. In his inaugural address, Vice Chairman Han emphasized that technology and quality should be the top priority, creating the best customer experience and value, strengthening future preparations to secure a foundation for sustainable growth, and practicing sustainable management together, and thanking executives and employees for their hard work. Han said, “Technology and quality are fundamental competitiveness that must be maintained as the top priority,” and added, “Even as times change, technological leadership is Samsung Electronics’ greatest value.” Han said, “We must become a company that leads the future lifestyle by connecting multiple products,” and added, “To become a customer-centered company, we must overcome organizational boundaries and work together as One Samsung.” Han emphasized, “Let’s innovate the operating system based on AI and data to increase productivity and efficiency.” Han said, “Samsung Electronics’ ultimate goal is to enable customers to take action for the future society and the global environment just by using Samsung products,” and added, “Please strengthen the discovery of sustainable innovative products.”


Samsung Electronics promotes Bespoke Cube Air

Samsung Electronics is launching a promotion for ‘Bespoke Cube Air,’ an air purifier that is effective in managing indoor air quality in the fall. During the promotion period, if you purchase the Bespoke Cube Air 123妊 model (AX123CB850SLD, AX123CB870HND, AX123CB870HGD, AX123CB860SED), you will receive points worth up to 100,000 won. Customers who purchase two or more items together can receive points worth up to 200,000 won by applying the ‘multi-item package’ benefit. Bespoke Cube Air is an air purifier that allows user-customized air quality management based on artificial intelligence technology. Even when the power is turned off, ‘Customized Clean AI+’ automatically analyzes indoor and outdoor air quality every 10 minutes and predicts the level of pollution, allowing you to keep indoor air clean at all times. Energy usage can be reduced by up to 30%, and it creates a pleasant environment with the ‘triple clean’ function and ‘low-noise wind-free clean’ that cleans with low noise without direct wind.

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