Azzurro Mare, a cafe that’s a feast for the eyes and the palate

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- A refreshing ocean view and mouthwatering pizza and beer all in one place


So many cafes have opened that you can’t walk down an alley without seeing a new one. But as the number of cafes has increased, so has the consumer’s discerning eye. You can’t just have a great location, or a delicious menu that brings people in. From the breathtaking ocean views to the delicious pizza, there is one premium cafe that grabs you from the outside, and then grabs you again with the ambience and taste of the pizza. This month, PowerKorea covered Azzurro Mare, which serves pizza, beer, and bakery in a three-story space with an outdoor garden, performance space, and terrace.


Three floors to enjoy the food and beverages and an outdoor venue for performance

Azzuro Mare offers ocean view therapy to your eyes

Azzurro Mare, located in Jeongja-dong, Ulsan, is a cafe that is attracting attention as a healing space for people of all ages with its large size, exotic scenery, and luxurious interior, including an outdoor performance venue.

Visitors are initially struck by its size. There’s even a large outdoor garden and a performance hall on the ground floor, and wandering around the beautiful gardens can be very therapeutic. Nearby is Gangdong Mondol Beach, where you can wander around the gardens and beach with a drink from the cafe, and there is a private parking lot also. Upon entering the cafe, you’ll be greeted with a stylish interior. The interior is dotted with photo-ready props, and the windows overlook the ocean and landscape, so you can enjoy your drinks and food while taking in the stunning ocean views. All menus can be ordered and paid for via tablet, and food and drinks can be picked up and enjoyed from wherever you are seated in the cafe.


Enjoy pizza and beer

Choose toppings you like with abundant cheese in the dough

The bakery on the first floor has a wide selection of breads, and the pizza is so good that locals frequent it. The pizzas include Crusted QuattroCheese, a four-cheese feast; Organic Basil Mushroom, where basil and truffle oil create a rich flavor profile; Five Meats, where five meats combine for a juicy, chewy taste; and Texas Garlic Steak, a collaboration of Texas and Korean flavors. Regardless of the type, the dough is crispy, the toppings are plentiful, and the cheese basically sits on the edge of the dough, so you’ll be able to eat it all the way through. It also offers a variety of dipping sauces to spice up your pizza. This is why Azzuro Mare attracts so many people to enjoy pizza and beer. Azzuro Mare offers guests a fantastic view and food along with a variety of drinks, and is attracting attention as one of the best healing and leisure spots in Ulsan.


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