Fordimanche is a partner for sustainable growth

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- Winning 2023 Korea Future Management Awards

▲ Fordimanche / CEO Bumsuk Suh

Diverse power and solutions for growth and empowerment

Expanding consulting expertise for sustainable growth

Fordimanche (CEO Bumsuk Suh) is a new business planning strategy firm that provides a range of power and solutions to help companies grow and develop, and empower high-level talent. The company has experience and expertise in various industries, provides customized solutions according to the characteristics and needs of customers, and constantly analyzes and applies the latest trends and market trends to bring new business opportunities to companies. To date, the company has worked with two global companies on new business strategy, 12 mid-sized companies on new market entry, and is currently working with six startups on pre-foundation support as well as business management support. The company collaborates with various industries, and through this, it has the ability to understand the challenges of various industries and present diverse perspectives and ideas. The company’s strategic approach pursues improved corporate competitiveness and sustainable growth, and its research and development team is expanding its consulting expertise through a variety of new projects. A company official said “We support and respect the personal growth of our team members, focus on efficiency above all others, and ensure that the sense of accomplishment within the company translates into each team member’s individual lifestyle.”


Egoegg offers specialized programs for talent development

Delivering strategies for creators, influencers, and artists

Egoegg is a brand that makes a difference to companies and individuals by offering specialized programs that align with the importance of talent development. The brand has joined forces with SIX SIGMA to offer customized consulting focused on the goals and dreams of talent. It offers personalized solutions to corporate talent, future entrepreneurs, and people exploring their careers, and helps them determine their life’s direction. The Egoegg project focuses on supporting stable careers and entrepreneurship, building a virtuous cycle of mentorship. Egoegg provides social influence and personal branding strategies for creators, influencers, and artists, and offers an optimized management system with personalized training and collaboration. Egoegg is a self-management system specially designed in collaboration with entertainment, MCNs, labels, etc. to create life-changing moments by developing skills, building social impact, and enhancing personal branding, and aims to create a system that supports continuous growth and development. This service helped Fordimanche win the Grand Prize in the Management Consulting category at the 2023 Korea Future Management Awards. A company official said “The future is what we make it, and we want to make it together with all our partners at Fordimanche. Trust in our expertise and passion, and let’s grow together.”

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