Korea Polytechnic Asan is the center for ICT technology convergence customized education and core talent for AI and SW in the Chungcheong region

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Entering its fourth year, the ICT Innovation Square expansion project, which trains more than 30,000 core AI-SW talents, is still actively underway. The Asan Campus of Korea Polytechnic University, located in the Chungcheongbuk-do ICT Complex, has been busy conducting customized training programs for the convergence of specialized industries and ICT technologies in the Chungcheongbuk-do region and fostering core talents, and has become a breeding ground for AI and SW talents. The educational project, which aims to explore global trends in AI and blockchain, as well as data and IoT, and explore ways to utilize them, will continue to be carried out by Korea Polytechnic Asan.


Rave reviews for ICT education institution Korea Polytechnic Asan

As an educational institution that has been developing every year by utilizing advanced information and communication technologies, Korea Polytechnic Asan has been preparing for the new environment by building a solid real-time online education system. Since the beginning of the project, ICT Innovation Square has contributed to the provision of an ICT complex that provides software development space and test equipment, and an optimal AI complex education space for fostering AI and blockchain manpower, and has been praised for playing its role in fostering AI talent that forms a consortium in the Chungcheong region. A few years ago, there was a significant shortage of AI talent in Korea. The starting point of ICT Innovation Square was the regret and realization of the gap. Korea Polytechnic Asan’s ICT Innovation Square expansion project has been compared to rain in a drought. The percentage of trainees attending and completing ICT training has been consistently high, surpassing the achievement rate every year.

Uisun Choi, Director of Korea Polytechnic Asan Industry Academic Cooperation said “The goal of this project is to foster ‘hands-on talent’ to lead innovation growth. We have reached a point where we can expect to improve the competitiveness of specialized industries that combine AI and blockchain technology with specialized industries in the Chungcheong region and increase the demand for AI experts. We will utilize the characteristics of practical studies and well-equipped industry-academia-government cooperation infrastructure to ensure that AI and blockchain education is not just an academic field but also encompasses industry-academia-government cooperation.” 


Producing ICT talented professionals who will contribute to the AI industry

An official said “We are doing our best to contribute to the development of the domestic ICT industry by sincerely fostering AI-type professionals with the goal of creating an AI megacity in the Chungcheong region. Currently, the ICT Innovation Square Expansion Project training is being held at Cheonan and Asan training centers. The current application for the 2023 ICT Innovation Square Expansion Project training is online, and you can easily apply by going to the Chungcheong ICT Innovation Square website and registering. The courses are completely free of charge.” 

This year, Korea Polytechnic Asan has added data and IoT fields to its digital new technology training program, providing a training curriculum focused on the growth of advanced digital talents by improving the selection method of trainees and intensive management through midterm evaluation. Here’s how to apply for the training  (Chungcheongbuk-do) Access the ICT Innovation Square website, register, select AI Convergence Education ⊥ AI/Blockchain/Data/IoT ⊥ Chungnam ⊥ Korea Polytechnic (Asan) course, and apply.


*This article was produced in collaboration with Korea Polytechnic Asan.

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