KOTRA Partners with startups to Help Innovate Logistics DX

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- Korean products made into short videos for overseas market


KOTRA Partners with startups to help innovate logistics DX

KOTRA, in collaboration with innovative logistics startups, introduced a number of digital technologies to reduce logistics costs at the August Logistics DX-ESG webinar. Participants revealed how they calculate the lowest logistics costs and suggested ways to prevent demurrage costs through real-time port congestion monitoring. Current issues in logistics ESG were also covered in depth. Global eco-friendly logistics certification required for exporters, purchasing carbon-reducing fuel credits, and using degradable packaging materials to obtain ESG certification were presented. Exporters can apply for the introduction of startup innovations featured on and receive exemptions from registration fees and price discounts. KOTRA helps exporters reduce logistics costs by using big data from startups to identify ways to reduce freight costs and recommend optimal routes and logistics companies, which helped 24 companies reduce logistics costs by an average of 30% last year. "Logistics costs are one of the biggest challenges for exporters. We will continue to work to reduce logistics costs by leveraging digital technologies, while helping companies meet ESG global standards to enhance their export competitiveness." said Chunwoo Jeon, Head of SMEs Division, KOTRA.


Korean products made into short videos for overseas market

KOTRA announced on Aug. 15 that it has been working with Mexican YouTuber Miguel, who has 240,000 subscribers, to create short videos introducing excellent consumer products from Korean companies and released them on KOTRA TV since Aug. 2. The three videos and vlog have been well-received, with 52,000 cumulative views as of day 14. Taking the momentum, Kotra plans to collaborate with US and European influencers. KOTRA also has a series on its YouTube channel called "Foreign Trade Officers in 3 Minutes," in which trade officers and staff from each country appear to introduce the country's export potential and economy, and export information is also conveyed in an easy-to-understand manner through the Export Training Guide, an educational animation for beginner exporters. "Generation MZ often gets information through short videos, both at home and abroad. We will utilize this to help Korean companies effectively market their exports." said KOTRA Vice CEO Yoontae Kim.

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