Choo holds an AI experts meeting

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- Kim presides over an onsite meeting for local economy investment funding


Choo holds an AI experts meeting

In August, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance Kyungho Choo held a meeting with AI experts at the Seoul Government Complex. The meeting was organized to understand the current status and prospects of AI technology, which has been rapidly developing in recent years, and to find out the impact of AI on the economy and society, and implications for future policy directions. "In recent years, AI technologies have not only formed a huge market, but are also expected to contribute to solving our economic and social problems." said Choo. Experts in attendance noted that technologies related to AI and robotics are rapidly developing and accelerating in healthcare, education, care, and safety, and emphasized the need for governments to play an active role in supporting them. The government plans to supplement and develop the "National AI Daily Life Action Plan" and continue to communicate with the private sector to innovate industries and improve the quality of life of the people.


Kim presides over an onsite meeting for local economy investment funding

Deputy Minister of Strategy and Finance Wansup Kim held an onsite meeting for local economy investment funding attended by high officials of 18 city and county governors including Gangwon Provincial Governor Jintae Kim. Deputy Minister Kim called for Gangwon Province, which has abundant tourism resources, an innovative bio-industry research base, clean hydrogen, and green energy facilities, to actively utilize the creative capabilities and abundant capital of the private sector through regional revitalization funds. Governor Kim said he will work with 18 local governments to promote large-scale sustainable projects in data, energy, tourism, leisure, and agriculture to develop the region. Deputy Minister Kim emphasized that it is even more important for local governments to have the capacity to properly utilize the fund, adding that the ministry will continue to actively enhance local governments' understanding through on-site meetings, one-on-one consulting, investment briefings, and seminars.

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