50 years of history with tradition and science became the slow food of Hanchon

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- 38 years of experience, 72 hours of simmering ox bone to deliver the original taste

▲ Hanchon Sullungtang in Samsan, Incheon / CEO Kim Heon-sook

Customer-oriented Hanchon Sullungtang Samsan Incheon Branch

Customers queue up at Hanchon Sullungtang in Samsan, Incheon branch for their extraordinary Sullungtang, a milky broth soup made by simmering ox bone, since its opening in May 2022 every day. The name Hanchon boasts a history of half a century and has earned the firm trust of diners. CEO Kim Heon-sook took over the Samsan, Incheon branch based on its brand value and long history.

Kim was impressed by the conviction and honesty of the founder couple, who started as Gammiok, working with passion and devotion day and night since 1982. Thus, Kim takes pride in the history of Hanchon, fresh ingredients, and reasonably priced food.


A restaurant with warm affection

To launch, Kim spent time redesigning the place with substantial cost and training employees for two months. And her effort was well paid off by a long queue of customers: her acquaintances from business, from her hometown, and customers captivated by the taste. 

There is unique Korean culture called Jeong deeply rooted in Hanchon. Simply put, Jeong is a warm feeling of attachment felt between people who share a close relationship. To express Jeong, Hanchon shares food on the menu with those in need or customers in their office. The sharing activity is a unique marketing strategy and connects them closer to customers and employees. Therefore, Hanchon is a place with Jeong of the founder couple and not merely a place to dine.

Hanchon Sullungtang is also internationally well-known for its original taste. They have built factories and logistic centers to preserve their tradition and taste. Moreover, it has international branches around the world to share Jeong. They also constantly seek the best quality and thoroughly maintain hygiene. So wherever you are, Hanchon is going to be Hanchon.


The authentic taste with 38 years of tradition and 72 hours of sincere effort

The impeccable original taste by Hanchon is well renowned and highly appreciated in Korea, New York, and Beijing. Customer needs are always satisfied by successfully incorporating their 38 years of tradition and commitment into other varieties of Sullungtang, seasonal menus, and side dishes.


Success Story of a Young Female Entrepreneur by SBS broadcasted CEO Kim’s story of 24 Hours Classic Convenience Store

Kim met her husband while working for Koryo System. Encouraged by her mother-in-law, she started 24 hours Classic Convenience store. Soon after, her store was selected as an Excellent Store by a government-affiliated program. SBS broadcasted her success story on the Success Story of a Young Female Entrepreneur for six months.

After being successful, she taught other sole proprietors marketing strategies based on the know-how she developed over 18 years of business. However, most of them, including Kim, had to move out of business as conglomerates newly joined the market.

Nevertheless, she took over Gopchang restaurant, which specializes in pork and beef tripe, from an acquaintance to start fresh. As soon as she took over, sales increased by ten folds. Furthermore, Gopchange became the trend as a celebrity ate it on TV. Customers had to wait in line for at least 20 minutes to be seated in the restaurant.


Closure of business for nursing mom

At the prime of Gopchang restaurant, her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Having to save her mother, she decided to close the business and take care of her. However, she passed away within seven months. 

Kim’s mother raised five siblings. Because when drunk, her father would turn into a completely different person and neglect the siblings. Without a choice, she farmed strawberries as a head of household to raise them. Thanks to their mother, the siblings became who they are today.

Kim had no regrets about closing the business, despite missing a golden chance to franchise the Gopchang restaurant. But she feels grateful and blessed that she got to cherish the last moments with her mother.


Discovery of a pleasant lifestyle through restaurant service

Kim believes you can succeed if you strive to be the best at what interests you. Odds happen during a crisis. When in grief, her daughter asked Kim, “How about learning to cook Sullungtang?” This question began her new journey with Hanchon.

Kim said, “I am truly grateful to my husband; and daughter, who had to work two jobs as a beauty artist and a manager, for their unconditional support. We will do our best to make a healthier and happier world by delivering good food.”

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