Auto-driving patrol robots make the world more convenient

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- Responding promptly with high performing sensors and AI


The South Korean government has designated robots as a major future industry and has decided to lift 39 obstacles by next year alongside the support for research and development. Robots are growing rapidly not only in Korea but also around the world, and the convenience of robots is deeply permeating our lives. The NYPD last month announced that it would run SnitchBOT in Times Square and subway where people gather around to patrol. In South Korea, auto-driving patrol robots are pilot-running and the market is expected to grow in speed when the government lift comes into full scale. Talking of patrol robots in the nation, we should not miss DOGU Co.,Ltd. that is attracting a lot of attention recently.


Driven by AI technology, DOGU Co.,Ltd. is developing and supplying patrol robots that can be used in many public and industrial places. The company has had 13 related patents and is ready to push forward mass production. All software and controlling algorithms such as electronic circuits and mechanism designs are done within the in-house lab of the company. “This is our biggest pride and competitiveness as it gives us better results to the finished products.” emphasizes Kim Jin Hyo, CEO of DOGU Co.,Ltd.. 


Iroi and Patrover are the two patrol robots DOGU Co.,Ltd. has introduced. Both are loaded with 360 degree cameras, a sound detector and a distance measuring laser scanner. Also loaded are waterproof and dustproof and auto-charge at a robot station. Iroi and Patrover runs on a 20 degree slope, cross over 3cm obstacles, and avoid various blocking objects in the path.


“What is more? They can measure seven atmospheric environmental elements such as CO2, NO2, fine dust, ultrafine dust, and ozone 24 hours a day and make the information into data. At a construction site, they can detect who is not wearing a safety helmet, and they can also detect fire break out or intruders.” says Kim.


Currently, they are carrying out their duty at Children’s Grand Park, Seoul and around 20 of them are patrolling in parks and factories nationwide. In addition to patrolling, the company is working to add fire extinguisher to the robots. 


“Though industrial use for now, we are ambitious to make them used in the household in the future through mass production.” says Kim.

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