Labor Attorney Jaeil helps companies grow cost-effectively

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- Jaeil wins Labor Attorney at the 2023 Korea Value Management Awards

▲ Labor Attorney Jaeil / CEO Park Jun-ho

Labor Attorney Jaeil contributes to the growth of companies in various difficulties by efficiently consulting on cost reduction, refund, government support, tax benefits, etc. In recognition of these good benefits, it won Labor Attorney at the 2023 Korea Value Management Awards.


Growth and realization of value together

Providing practical help by utilizing the government’s mitigation and support system

Jaeil reduces costs and eases management burden for small and medium-sized enterprises through corporate social insurance premium reduction and management consulting on government policies.

CEO Park Jun-ho says, “Many small and medium-sized enterprises are experiencing various difficulties such as capital and human resources when running their business. The focus is on helping these SMEs reduce social insurance premiums, taxes, etc., and legally reduce costs by utilizing support systems. In particular, we analyze social insurance premiums paid by companies to come up with reduction plans, and analyze corporate tax and global income tax paid by companies to come up with reduction plans. We analyze the costs that companies are spending and provide solutions that can be reduced, consulting in various ways so that companies can legally reduce costs as much as possible.”


Rational service fees

Serving clients and making them grow

Jaeil provides strategic and differentiated solutions for reasonable personnel and labor management of companies based on experience in advisory management and consulting for large and small businesses, and is highly regarded for contributing to the growth of numerous companies. The company has been successfully handling labor-management dispute cases and unfair dismissal relief applications, and provides reasonable consulting on job expansion and job security reduction, insurance premium refund, and state support at no upfront cost.

CEO Park says, “We provide consulting services at no upfront cost. I emphasize that management consulting is like a health checkup to my client companies. We are doing our best to protect the rights and interests of our clients and to promote the growth of the company by providing appropriate solutions after diagnosing the benefits that customers deserve through management consulting.”

Jaeil currently conducts management consulting for 3,300 small and medium-sized companies, including large and medium-sized companies, and has gained high trust and satisfaction through various companies.

In recognition, Jaeil has received numerous prizes including from National Assembly Environment and Labor Committee, Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and Korea Environment Corporation.

Jaeil will continue to study and research in order to breathe with small and medium-sized enterprises, help them through difficulties, and grow.

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