Automated logistics solutions for advanced delivery services

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- Latest equipment and experienced workforce realize tailor-made services

▲ SJ Logis / CEO Seo Young-hun

3PL (Third Party Logistics) refers to receiving logistics services from external companies. Times are changing. More and more people buy and sell goods online. Entrepreneurs also are more interested in starting an online business than in person. Delivering the goods from the seller to the purchaser naturally is an important part of online trade. But it requires time, cost and labor. This is the point where the seller outsources the work to a logistics company. A good logistics company should provide all-in-one services that cover from order, storage and inventory to packaging, delivery and collection. 


Poor working environment, Image change through automation

Konjiam-eup, Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, is a major transportation hub of the nation where the Jungbu, Gwangju/Wonju, Yeongdong, Seoul Metropolitan Area 2nd Ring, and Jungang Expressway criss-cross. It is less than an hour away from Seoul and is where the largest number of distribution centers clustered. Nestled in this logistics hub, SJ Logis is providing all in one tailor-made 3PL services with latest equipment and experienced workforce. 

CEO Seo Young-hun majored in logistics and worked in the industry for 28 years: 8 years for a large logistics company and a number of leading roles in setting up a logistics center, operation and management. Gathering his expertise in the field, he established SJ Logis in 2014 with automated logistics solutions.

“Thanks to ever advancing technologies, logistics industry is also being automated from storage and stock management to delivery. In other words, wrong delivery or lost of goods have been significantly reduced.” says Seo.

SJ Logis boasts a 4,958m2 capacity warehouse equipped with freezer/fridge, dock boards, 50 CCTVs, automated taping, wrapping and un-boxing devices. More than 20 years of experienced manpower is working flawlessly according to each destination and mapping out the route like tailor-made. The company’s WMS (Warehouse Management System) which linked to PDA, in particular, contributes to 0% loss of goods and wrong delivery. WMS is like the brain of human body and controls every process and enables collaboration by connecting it to many devices such as API, CCTV, PDA, forklifts, picking carts, auto-labelers, DAS, DPS, ERP, and online shopping malls. 

In addition to this cutting edge equipment, SJ Logis subscribed to an insurance policy of 8 billion won in case things happen. For this excellence, the company obtained Excellent Technology Enterprise in the logistics category from Nice D&B for 2 years in a row in 2020 and 2021.


Good staff welfare and win-win management

More than 90% employees at SJ Logis are full-time. It is notable that logistics companies tend to use part timers or day workers to save cost. As they work full time, they have a sense of responsibility and manage client companies with direct contact. Through this win-win management, both SJ Logis and their clients are growing business together. In addition to the 4 basic employee insurances, the company runs various welfare policies including stock share.  

It is noteworthy that most client companies of SJ Logis are partnering at least 3 years and over 8 years and have enjoyed sales increase by ten to hundred folds. Some of them also have listed in KOSDAQ. 

Seo says, “We will strive to serve as a good partner to our clients and grow business together through our advanced logistics facilities and automation services.”

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