Beautiful Korean classical music in Canada spreads the music to the world

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▲ Korean Classical Musician Jung Sorye

A Korean classical music event was held in Canada. Hanyang University professor Wonhaeng Jo composed a music piece ‘Haemu’ for a Korean classical instrument ‘Heaguem’ which played alongside Heaguem, Haemu on the fourth stage. The Jo’s piece was played for the first time in Canada and Jo said “I’m sure that Sorea Jeong’s Collection of Creative Songs for Heaguem will be the cornerstone to spread Korean classical music to the world. The collection delivers diversity and depth of Heaguem.” The fifth performance was themed on ‘folk music’ and Jeong started with Eombulpoongryeou. Eombulpoongryeou is No.44 of Seoul Intangible Cultural Asset and it is consisted of Samheonyookgak including Gwanakyoungsanheosang and Chitapoongryeou. Piri(pipe) player Gyeongman Choi, daegeum (pipe) player Chulju Lee and heaguem player Mugyeong Kim are recognized as artisans of Samheonyookgak. Jeong is a pupil of Mugyeong Kim. The following stage was Jiyoungheereou Heaguemsanjo. Younghee Ji is a famous Heageumsanjo and Pirisanjo player who promoted excellence of Korean classical music at the World Music 1962 held in Paris, France. The 6th performance was of the Jeong’s project series VI of lecture concert of Robert Garfias. Robert Garfias visited Korea three times in the 60s and recorded Korean classical music and performances covering from palace music to folk music, dance and theatricals. The 6th event on the day was organized based on his records, his life and research including the ‘21st Oral Series of the National Gugak Center: Robert Gartias’.

Jeong currently is teaching heaguem at Gyeongin National University of Education and Busan National University of Education. She is a committee member of the Society of Study for Korean Music Education, the Society of Korean Music Culture, and the Korea Education Material. Jeong published <THE FIRST OF HEAGUEM> that crosses Jazz and trot and comes with QR code and reference videos and instrumental tracks. <THE FIRST OF HEAGUEM> was made Fby the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and recommended by renowned Korean classical musicians and professors including Soonja Jo, Eungyeong Jeong, Mugyeong Kim, Jeongsu Kim, Gwonjoon Song and Uishin Sung. <PowerKorea>


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