Actor professor Hyejoo Kim stands alongside winners of 2022 Korea Innovation Winner

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▲ Dong Seoul University Department of Acting Professor Hyejoo Kim

“Teaching acting to students involves creativity, personality, theory and practice that should all be melted into one’s performance. One more thing to add is self-directed learning from which students draw out what they have inside. My role as a acting professor is to help them make this happen.” says Dong Seoul University Department of Acting Professor Hyejoo Kim.

Practical as she is, Kim spends 6 days a week in Daehak-ro, Seoul, equivalent to Broadway, New York. She engages in one or two playes as an actor a year to demonstrate what it takes to be an actor and to do acting. Alongside, she plays a role of a coach and an art director for 3 to 4 works a year. 

As energetic as she is, from this year, she is encouraging herself to start her movie actor career. In fact, she took a role of the hairdresser in the short film <Sunsan> screened at the Jeonju International Film Festival. 

Jeonghan Kim, the leading actor and the director of the play <Threshold of Life> said “The role of the female actor Jeongmi in the play was best played by Kim. Numerous female actors took the role but she was the one to give just right character and performance. I want to keep in step with her again if I have a chance.”

She uses her Youtube and TikTok to better engage with students the way they do nowadays whether it is about teaching and learning or advice on their career path. 

Hyejoo Kim received the 2022 Korea Innovation Winner in the category of culture and education. <PowerKorea>

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