A place where you can heal your tired soul : Sacheon Plant Land

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▲ Sacheon Plant Land / CEO Heongjeong Kang

Beautiful gardens in Europe were the envy of many Koreans. The Renaissance not only brought a cultural richness to them but also stylish and glorious gardens big and small. Gardens are where people appreciate and praise beauty of nature and man’s creative mind. Having suffered from the Korean War and the poverty, gardens were a luxury of just a few people for decades and decades of years in South Korea. Today, however, more people are opening their eyes to the charm of gardens and numerous commercial gardens already have opened their doors to the public. 

Breathing in a soul of art into a garden

Sacheon Plant Land is a private garden in Sacheon City, South Gyeongsang Province. Around 10,000 people are visiting the garden a year to see around 600 kinds of plants. CEO Heongjeong Kang says that the garden is functioning more of a healing place where city dwellers come and take a break from busy schedules and works. Different shapes and kinds of plants as well as rocks and greenhouses can make visitors feel how beautiful it is to see these beautiful things on earth and how mysterious it is to walk through and around the garden. Visitors also can take part in making activities of art balls, pots, terrarium, hub mist and body oil or have a foot bath to release the day’s fatigue. 

Heal your body and mind 

Kang studied horticulture back in 1979 and has built a farm management career for 25 years. All those years, he has treated every single one of plants and trees like his own children from which his idea of running his garden with therapeutic programs. Visitors can try many different kinds of herbs and essence oils and their therapeutic effect at the garden. “It is also important for me to collect and preserve plant resource and let people know the names of each plant and flower. I hope my garden will give a peace to visitors and make contributions to promoting regional economy.”

South Gyeongsang Province has introduced the Garden Industry Promotion Act and is running the 100 Beautiful Gardens through which they provide financial and administrative support to private gardens. Apart from running the garden, Kang is serving a committee member of the Sacheon Tourism Promotion Council and Chairman of the Shinjinriseong Cherry Blossom Festival Promotion Committee. <PowerKorea>

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