Korea Coast Guard Sacheon takes care of residents and fishermen in coastlines of South Gyeongsang Province

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The Korea Coast Guard Sacheon opened the door Mach 31, this year. Up until then, residents and fishermen of Sacheon had to travel to the coast guard in Tongyeong when complaints and accidents occurred. Taking the steering wheel of the Korea Coast Guard Sacheon, the chief of police Changmook Ock says: 

“The Korea Coast Guard Sacheon patrols the west coastline in South Gyeongsang Province for the safety of the residents and fishermen. We will listen attentively to the people and practice impartial enforcement of the rule of law.”.

More specifically, the Korea Coast Guard Sacheon takes in charge of Sacheon City, part of Tongyeong City and part of Hadong County, Namhae County and Goseong County. The total areas to cover is 1.3 times bigger than Seoul and it is 771.6妥.

▲ Korea Coast Guard Sacheon / Chief of Police Changmook Ock

248 staff members are running 6 departments of investigation, intelligence, marine pollution, marine safety, management and rescue alongside 6 vessels of security, maneuver and environment control. All illegal activities on the covered areas are subject to control and investigation. 

“The guard is expected to be dispatched to the spot of crime or accident within 30 minutes. More importantly, we will share a large part of our activities to prevent crimes and accidents beforehand for the safety of residents and fishermen.”

Of 19 coast guards in the nation, coast lines of South Gyeongsang Province has the highest number of coast security cases which were dealt with the coast guard in Tongyeong alone. In other words, the coast guard in Sacheon is now working in cooperation with Tongyeong for better and prompt dealing of accidents and illegal activities.

“The average rescue time will be reduced to around 30 minutes from 1 hour. The areas we cover has 4,458 registered fishing boats and the beautiful sceneries also invite increasing number of tourists every year not to mention it is a route of multi-purpose ships to and fro. We are well aware of this particular environment and we will deal with every single case with prompt response and a great sense of duty and responsibility.” <PowerKorea>

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