“The Best Healing Comes From Nature!” says Arboretum CEO Sangho Park

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Cypress is known as hinoki in Japan and it is used as a premium interior material for excellent water-proof and durability. Cypress is rich in phytoncide that is known to detox germs breathed into our lung. Naturally, it is good for respiratory diseases and also preventing harmful insects. 

Putting up a business slogan ‘The Best Healing Comes From Nature”, a South Korean toiletry company Arboretum is famous for toothpaste, shampoo and body cleansing made of cypress oil extract. 

CEO Sangho Park’s father planted and managed a 119,008 square meter cypress forest from the 80s. Park then came to know beneficial substances and effects of phytoncide and oil of cypress and started making products. 

The cypress used for our products have been free of agricultural pesticides for the last 40 years to make sure of safe-to-use. From phytoncide toothpaste to shampoo, cleansing, body wash, cosmetics and deodorant, Arboretum products are melted with pure cypress oils. 

“Cypress oil of Arboretum have completed 14 bacteria reduction tests and anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory tests at the Jeollanamdo Institute of Natural Resources Research. Arboretum cypress cleansing in particular contains 99.9% cypress oil and it is popular among the students annoyed by pimples. Arboretum shampoo also contains a patented anti-hair loss substance Hupura-HS which is but good news for people with scanty hair.” explains Park.

Recently listed as a new export company to KOTRA, Arboretum has secured export channels to Vietnam and Park is ambitious to pioneer the huge US market and many more thereafter.

Among a number of cypress kinds in South Korea, Japan and Europe, South Korean cypress is proved that it does not cause allergic reactions from the stem, leaves, pollen and fruits. 

“I’m determined to protect the cypress forest my father has made and managed for a long time and I will pass it down to my next generation intact. I’m a business man and a lover of nature driven by my philosophy ‘The Best Healing Comes From Nature!’” <PowerKorea>

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