Come, eat, play, sleep and freshen up: Samcheonpo Port Wild Gizzard Festival

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Samcheonpo Port Wild Gizzard Festival

Samcheonpo Port is famous for indigo sea and breathtaking scenery. However, under the sea from the calm and beautiful indigo sea runs a fast current many a wild fish loves to swim. Wild fish is fresher and tastier than farmed fish and wild gizzard in particular is a local speciality. July every year, Sacheon City holds the Samcheonpo Port Wild Gizzard Festival and it has run for 19 years. Seafood lovers from all over the nation gather here as if they have promised to meet there to have the ultimate taste of wild gizzard from raw to seasoned salad and grilled. The festival committee chairman Jaeyoung Jang said “Wild gizzard is rich in unsaturated fat such as DHA and EPA that is good for hangover, skin, osteoporosis and brain health. Come and join a variety wild gizzard food and activities. You can catch one if you are quick to catch and music concerts and other amusements also take place here and there during the festival.” 

Come, eat, play, sleep and freshen up

The festival has been running for 19 years as a result of unsparing support of citizens, the city and organizations big and small especially the merchants of Palpo Food Street. “Catching wild gizzard is banned from May 15 to July 15. But the trawlers sweep the baby fish up right before the banned season. The festival requires around 10 tons of the fish so it is urgent that the local government needs to starts the closed season two months earlier. That aside, we will keep working hard to make the festival one of the most wanted festivals in the nation. Come, eat, play, sleep and freshen up.” says Jang. <PowerKorea>

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