Korea Ending Life Support Association supports preparing graceful end of life

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Living well was one of the talks on the table not long ago. Now, dying well seems to be replacing it. Dying decently is as graceful as living decently. Like the sun rises from the east and falls to the west, all living things on earth are born and die when their time comes. No exception for man. And it is the start of the Korea Ending Life Support Association. 

Ending coordinators

How can we better prepare for a graceful dying? To answer the question, the association is nurturing ending coordinators. They are trained to help you with will, inheritance and hospice and if wanted organ donation and adult guardian. The job is similar to end of life planners who also takes care of funeral and welfare. The UN’s Future Possibilities Report 2025 listed end of life planners as a promising future career. “It is encouraging that local governments are working on end of life planner ordinances. Ending coordinator courses will foster industry experts and they will play a professional role in helping people end their life in a more organized way. As it is a new job, certified ending coordinators can open their business or get a job in the field.” says Shinyoung Kim, Professor of  Hanyang Cyber University Department of Senior Business Ending Coordination.


Professor Sookhee Choi of the same department said “Jushingjoong of the Song dynasty advised ‘die with no property, no grudge, no debts, no affection and no fear.’ I think it is a good saying about how we dye.” Korea Ending Life Support Association  President Kwonki Kim says “We are running into an aged society but not many of us think about dying well. I think the ending coordinator course will play a great role in fostering industry experts and their certified services will help people prepare for their last minute happy and decent.” Kim is an alumnus of Hanyang Cyber University Department of Senior Business. During his business trips in Europe and South East Asia, he observed a great potential of well dying industry that embraced funeral services. Back in Korea, he came to know the course and without a hesitation he enrolled the course. 

▲ Korea Ending Life Support Association / President Kwonki Kim

Business agreement with Eulji University

Korea Ending Life Support Association singed a business agreement with Eulji University Department of Funeral Services for exchanges between ending coordination and funeral services through lectures, seminars and symposium. The funeral services department is the sole 4 year academic course in the nation opened in 1999. The department’s professor Jaesil Choi said “We expect that the singing will create a synergy between the two departments and we will organize joint researches and exchange programs.” Following the signing, the association also joined hands with Preed Life, a famous funeral services company, for field trip and career building. Preed Life Chairman Hochul Kim said “The partnership will flow certified ending coordinators into business and it will raise the quality of the services.” 

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