SHIFT not only manages human resource but connects your business to the world on the go

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▲ JeJe Comms / CEO JoonGang Kim

Business cards are known to have started in China. People then used bamboo to mark their name on a piece of bamboo for their trade. Normally containing the name, job, position and contact detail, they have gone through palm-size paper cards up until a decade ago to digital as of today. 

Digital cards are eco-friendly since they do not waste papers and inks and not cumbersome to keep them in the wallet according to digital business cards app developers. In addition to the original function of the cards, the developers provide extra services such as human resources and scheduling.

Launched April 2018, JeJe Comms is a South Korean digital business card maker that is running SHIFT. SHIFT connects people to people, people to business, and business to business. It provides a multilingual platform and has opened services in 35 countries so far. This year, the team targets 178 countries to benefit their advanced human resource technologies. 

Loaded from this year is QR Alarm that transfers a cellular phone number in the front desk of the car to a QR code since exposing one’s phone number can lead to a security issue. Drivers communicate each other by using QR code and push button instead of punching in the phone number when they, for example, need to ask to move the car. Coming from next year is a metavers human resource to catch up fast changing market trend.

SHIFT’s B2B service is not only connect people to people and business to business wherever you are in the world but helps you manage your administration and even marketing. What is more, you might bump into colleagues you knew before but long forgotten. You can start over business connection again or share information with them.

“Start Your Human Resource With SHIFT” is what explains best of JeJe Comms in a word, says CEO JoonGang Kim. 

JeJe Comms won Global ESG Solution at the 2022 Innovation Awards. The company has been providing free B2B services for micro business owners and startups since April 2022. 

JeJe Comms has obtained 9 patents and a trademark home and abroad. <PowerKorea>

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