Hong presides over first Talk Talk Program

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Economy and Finance Minister Namki Hong chaired an online meeting for strengthening work capability and communications of staff on March 22 at the Government Complex Sejong. Hong emphasized importance on professionalism and responsibility, understanding complicated and multifaceted tasks, and presentation and implementation skills and ability of staff. 

At the meeting, Hong shared with attendees excellence cases of speeches and PTT of three chosen presenters on policies, ideas and experiences. As the meeting was first in its case and the response of staff were positive, Hong decided to carry on the meeting on a regular basis and named it as Talk Talk Program.

Lee visits manless vehicle trial run zone in Sangamdong Seoul

First Deputy Economy and Finance Minister Okwon Lee paid a visit to the manless vehicle trial run zone in Sangamdong Seoul on March 16. South Korea is to commercialize level 4 manless vehicle running system by 2027 which will be the first in the world and Lee's visit was to check how far the experts have progressed. Lee was briefed on current status and tried calling a manless vehicle with a smartphone and rode a vehicle while keep explained by experts how it was running.

At a meeting held afterwards, Lee encouraged staff that the government was pouring 240 billion won ($198 million) in the sector and working on standards for related safety assessments and insurance guidelines by 2024. He also said that the government was welcoming involvement of private investment and businesses in the field for advanced technologies and better services. <PowerKorea>

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