Sundrin Aesthetic wins 2022 Korea Value Management Awards in beauty education

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▲ Sundrin Aesthetic / CEO Bo Kyoung Choi

Sundrin Aesthetic listed its name in the winners of the 2022 Korea Value Management Awards. Opened in Suseong District Daegu in 2019, Sundrin has built recognition with its unique customized skin care program designed for customers and trainees alike. 

CEO Bo Kyoung Choi has 22 years of experience in the field. She completed a doctoral course in oriental medicine at Daegu Haany University and has made her name known through extensive knowledge and effective applications. 

The 'yangguibi therapy' - opium poppy therapy - at Sundrin is the very fruit of her decades of expertise. The therapy gives in-depth analysis on undesirable facial features such as square jaw, jutting chin, protruded lip and cheekbone, dark circles and sunken cheeks, as well as twisted pelvis. The therapist then applies appropriate methods in order to balance muscles and bones. Each session is customized according to its purpose from wedding to after giving a birth and body slimming workout. 

"Yangguibi therapy is driven by the principle of inner therapy and the essence of Huangdi Neijing, an ancient Chinese medical text on Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor. The effectiveness of 'yangguibi therapy' is well proved by a testimony of our customer who received 30 times of skin care at a wellknown franchise therapy shop but didn't see it as effective as only 7 time sessions at Sundrin" says Choi.

Apart from treatment, Choi is running Sundrin Academy one on one base to foster talented young skin therapists. She has carried on 'yangguibi therapy' training at 15 local skin care shops in Daegu and the province and is successfully managing 4 affiliated shops at the moment. 

Choi is teaching beauty major students at Daegu Haany University and serving as the training director at the K-Beauty Technicians Society. <PowerKorea>

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