Hannam Medi walks 40 years of a single path in medical supplies with passion and trust

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▲ Hannam Medi / CEO Kiwan Kim

Hannam Medi is second to none when it comes to medical supplies. It has walked a single path in the field for the last 40 years and CEO Kiwan Kim is proud of this. 

Kim‘s father established then Hannam Tongsang and started the business for health centers in Seoul and Gangwon Province. Today, Hannam Medi is distributing medical supplies to around 5,000 clients nationwide. Kiwan Kim came to the front of the business and established Hannam Medical in 2008 and changed the name to current Hannam Medi in 2011. 

He built the head office building with his own money in June 2020 ever since he is working in partnership with cutting edge medical equipment companies. He also improved working environment and welfare of staff that includes shower facilities and one and a half hour early leaving. 

Kim values quality above anything else when choosing which medical equipment he wants to supply. This is because medical equipment affect greatly both medical staff and patients as much as the results of treatments. 

"All of our clients have concrete trust in us that whatever we supply, they have no doubt about quality of the equipment. We have kept this quality-first principle and trust for the last 40 years. It is the driving force of our business and what made our business successful in the field today" says Kim.

When COVID-19 first broke out, mask prices jumped. But Kim supplied masks the same prices as before the pandemic and it firmly cemented trust from his clients. In fact, not only the masks but Kim never made advantage of situation in order to make more profits from which we can see he work ethic not to mention customer satisfaction. 

When asked future plan, Kim tipped that he wanted to open the nation's largest scale on/offline store that only sells medical supplies. 

"I have knowhow and good market networks as well as 5,000 clients. If opened, it will make yet another contribution to development of medical equipment industry" says Kim. <PowerKorea>

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