There have been no pies like 120 Layered Pies. Super simple 5 minute making with taste guaranteed is attracting explosive number of partners nationwide!

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One thing that ails many coffee shop runners is deserts. Compared to coffee and other beverages, deserts take more time and labor. In addition, the profit is less than beverages. If you think you are one of those, good news is here: 120 Layered Pies. 

First of all, why 120 Layered Pies? Unlike many other pies that have around 60 to 70 layered pastries, they are 120 layered. Naturally, the taste is deeper and richer. Those who have tasted it are giving 5 stars out of 5 stars and agree that they go perfectly with coffee. Some of the hottest sellers at the moment are: mozzarella, custard, cheese, sweet potato, cream, fired grilled cheese and fired grilled chicken. 

Second of all, it is super simple to make. To do it, order a 4 molds 120 Layered Pies maker. Plug in and turn it on. Put dough and ingredients and close the head. When the bell rings, put it out, place it on a plate and serve it. Done. It all takes less than 5 minutes and you only need 30 minute training! 

Third of all, what should I do if I want to go for it and how much does it cost? A really good question! You can either open a shop or make it a shop in shop or just sell it in your cafe. Based on shop in shop, the company offers you all in one package: a 4 molds maker, 200 initial units of pie and ingredients, POP, package, banner and poster. All you need to do is pay 89,700 won ($74) every month. What? all of these at 89,700 won a month? Yes! 

Lastly, how many 120 Layered Pies shops are there in the market at the moment? Another good question! 50 shops have opened business within 2 months of launching nationwide and some shops sell more than 100 pies a day. All ingredients are HACCP managed and around 30,000 units are made and supplied nationwide a day. <PowerKorea>

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