"Name affects one's life" says Heodamsunsa Director Sangmin Lee

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▲ Heodamsunsa Director Sangmin Lee

Across the ages and in all countries of the world, parents want to make good names for their children. Names are called and used for entire life. Namers say one's name can affect one's life and some people change their names on their own will due to bad luck or series of unwanted events. 

Football player Donggook Lee, for example, changed his middle name to mean 'same' from 'east'. This is because he was badly injured and such events followed in series. Believe it or not, after changing the middle name, such bad events seemed to stop occurring but he was listed in the national team number of times. 

Sangmin Lee, a namer and Director of Heodamsunsa, explains this that the stroke counts of his original name as well as its meaning had bad energy. "Name not only affect's one's life but things in general" says Lee.

Lee has 20 years of expertise in the field. In his high school, he happened to be fascinated with Chinese characters and learned them under instruction of Sukmoo Park who compiled Letter From Exile written by Yakyong Jeong, a Korean philosopher of Joseon dynasty. 

He says "Deceased former president Daejung Kim had his name meaning 'similar to first class'. Because of this, he lost general election three times. He then changed his name to mean 'middle or center' and won the next election. He then became a president and the first Korean Nobel Peace Prize winner." 

Lee also emphasizes importance of name in things "Cheongju International Airport is nestled across Bisangri as taxing point and Bihari as landing point. As the name suggests, the two names go well with the purpose of airport. Yeongjong Palgeong (eight beautiful sceneries of Yeongjong Island) is another good example as each name represents its name."

He used to run an office near Yeoksam station Seoul but closed it since the outbreak of the pandemic. Currently, he is giving students advice on four pillars of destiny at Earlwang Art College. <PowerKorea>

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