Winning 2022 Korea Value Management Awards, Iljin Industry's first grade floor noise solutions settle down quarrels between residents up and down

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▲ Iljin Industry / CEO Jiwon Hwang

The issues on floor noise between residents in apartments and villas up and down in South Korea have been a pain in the ass and some cases have led the quarrels to violence and even manslaughter. According to Korea Environment Corporation, the number of floor noise complaints increased record high last year due to more people work at home as a result of the pandemic. As a way to tackle the complaints, the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs has brought up a Apartment Building Floor Noise Test and it is scheduled to be applied for licensed apartment constructions starting from July 2022. Meanwhile, Iljin Industry, which has built years of expertise in floor noise, is attracting a great attention with its innovative floor noise solutions E-con and EM30s that can reduce the noise level to 42dB and less. 

Iljin Industry boasts 35 years of knowhow in the field of insulation and floor noise. It's introduction of 'E-con' system in 2015 is received as groundbreaking and the Korea Land and Housing Corporation listed the method as a new technology in 2014 followed by a credential in 2016. E-con is a high performing buffer-loaded one body type flooring system that can reduce floor noise to 42dB. According to the Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering, less than 47dB heavy impact noise is the level that residents below cannot sense. A test carried out by the Board of Audit and Inspection in 2019 gave E-con 'excellent' in terms of noise and resonance phenomenon while 96% similar methods received not satisfying. Apart from noise, E-con proved to be innovative in terms of hassle-free installation and time and cost saving: it reduces half the amount of installation time and saves cost on labor, equipment and maintenance. Not surprisingly, 134 constructors are using E-con including some of the industry big shots such as Keangnam Enterprise, Poong Lim Industry, Kungyoung, Shinsegae Engineering & Construction, and Hanil Engineering & Construction. 

Iljin Industry introduced EM30s, an upgrade of the existing E-con, in November 2021. EM30s secured the first grade in both noise and shock tests at a state institution test with 29dB on light weight shock and 35dB on middle weight shock. It is received as the minimalist noise possible that can significantly reduce the noise from children's footsteps. 

"70mm floor impact insulation system is very important because the materials and mix ratio of it affects greatly the noise level. EM30s system uses EVA chip absorbers with sand and cement mixed ideally and efficiently. It removes resonance phenomenon by filling up pores as an effective way to cut off the noise" explains Jiwon Hwang, CEO of Iljin Industry.

EM30s causes no cracks, pores and slumping. It brings forth 5 days of average installation time and is received as the best floor noise solution available at the moment. For this reason, a large construction company is already in real model testing on EM30s. Iljin Industry won the 2022 Korea Value Management Awards in the category of building industry. <PowerKorea>

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