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▲ The Fillet's / CEO Chanki Park

South Korea's home trend now is largely divided into two: traditional 109 square meter apartments or minimalist (second) houses. Unlike in the past where retirees moved to countryside to spend rest of their lives quietly, increasing number of money-loaded young city dwellers today tend to have a minimalist second house out of the city.

As if to reflect the trend, the 2022 Korea Build at SETEC was dominated by mobile houses, modular houses and farmer's huts. The Fillet's among them made its name a strong presence at the fair with its unique round shape minimalist house called Happy Dum. 

The Fillet's is the first company in the nation that developed the patented 'retractable roof method' that is used for its signature futuristic mobile house Happy Dum according to its official. The method links the frames of the existing houses to high intensity aluminum to hold firmly the straight and curved lines of the walls. Because it uses aluminum into grids, the method is also called 'panelizing method' which boasts better solidity than welded structure. 

Happy Dum offers various color options outside and it lasts longer thanks to special heat treatment. Also, because it is aluminum, there is no erosion, rust and leakage. 

In terms of insulation, Happy Dum uses urethane flame resistant hard foam that received first grade from insulation standard. It is rich in density of urethane and pressure to keep the heat more effectively and the ultra power saving electrical heat saves energy bill. 

In terms of framework, Happy Dum uses angled pipes to stabilize the frame firmly. 

As for the floor, H beams are layed first followed by excel pipes and concrete. 120mm urethane foams are also covered to block cold air and moisture from outside. Below the floor is 120mm iron plates and 100mm thick concrete to hold the overall weight of the house safety. 

One more advantage of Happy Dum to point out is that the house actually is floating on pilotis so that dwellers can secure more space according to their needs. 

Happy Dum comes from 9.9 square meter to 82.6 square meter with option for triangle, rounded or ladder. You can also choose materials such as wood, built-in furniture, wallpaper etc. 

"The Fillet's proudly boasts extensive knowledge and experience in mobile and modular houses. We endeavor to bring better materials, safer and more convenient assembly solutions and above all strong structure and tight insulation. We are proud to have our own patented method and we will keep working hard to introduce even better mobile houses according to the needs and wants of ever demanding customers" says Chanki Park, CEO of The Fillet's. <PowerKorea>

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