Kookhakkigong holds 9th Kookhakkigong International Competition of Sports for All online

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Kookhakkigong held the 9th Kookhakkigong International Competition of Sports for All online from 3 to 4 December under the slogan ‘Water Up Fire Down’. The competition is expecting 1,500 competitors of 62 teams from 10 countries including the US, Japan, China, Qatar and New Zealand to participate this year. 


The final on 4 December was live broadcast on Youtube.  The slogan ‘Water Up and Fire Down’ is an ultimate principle to bring balance of energy and recovery of body and mind. The certified judges will value highly of technique, movement, connection and artistic elements to finalize the winners. 


Kookhakkigong started 40 years ago at a park in Anyang City by now Cyber University Chancellor Seunghun Lee who tried to help a stroke patient. It is now being practiced in 14 countries in the world as sport for all, sport for brain and sport for body and mind. The competition first took place in Jeju in 2007 and has been held in Seoul since 2017. Marking the 41 year birthday, Kookhakkigong is expecting to engage around 10,000 members around the world in the competition through online this year due to the prolonged pandemic. 


Having more than 200,000 members worldwide, the event this year was attended by a number of politicians and government officials, including Prime Minister Bugyeom Kim, presidential candidates Jaemyung Lee and Seokyoul Yoon and lawmaker Hoyoung Joo, to give congratulations. At the final on 4 December, the Japanese team won the grand prize followed by the American gold prize, the Russian sliver prize, the Qatar and New Zealand copper prizes in the international category. Teams from Busan, Chungcheong Province, North Gyeongsang Province, Gyeonggi Province and Seoul received prizes according to their performances. 


Kookhakkigong honorary president Seunghun Lee said “The humanity is facing a crisis from the pandemic and Kookhakkigong is an exercise we can do wherever and whenever regardless time and space to keep our body and mind sound.”


Seoul Sports Council Chairman Wonha Park said “The 9th event this year will present a future direction of sports events and I hope the competition will serve an opportunity for participants to share positive energy.” 


Kookhakkigong President Kisun Gwon said “Combined with Sundo and Hongik Ingan (traditional martial and educational mottos of South Korea), Kookhakkigong is for everybody from young to old as a means to keep our body and mind sound and the event this year particularly deliver a message that we all are families and friends who share one Earth.”


As of 2021, Kookhakkigong is assisting its programs in around 3,000 parks, welfare centers, public offices and schools nationwide. It has been a permanent member of the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee since 2016. 


The competition is sponsored by Seoul City, the Seoul Sports Council, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee, Brain Media, the Earth Citizens Organization, Kookhakwon, Dahn World and monthly <PowerKorea>. <PowerKorea>

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