Still annoyed by your dog peeing and smell? Try Happy Loo!

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The number of Koreans living with a pet or more has surpassed 10 million according to a survey. The pet industry in the nation has grown explosively recently alongside fast increasing pet shops on the street. Single households who live with pets also are playing part to bring a boom to the industry. The Korea Rural Economic Institute estimated the market worth around 3 trillion won ($2.5 billion) in 2020 and expected it to be 6 trillion won around 2027. The figures of the market aside, if you are one of those who live with a pet, you might know very well how bothersome it can be to clean up after your pet: the leaks, dung and smell. So, a South Korean pet company Dog Toto rolled up sleeve and brought up easily hygienic solutions for you: Happy Loo!



[Happy Loo]

Have you found urine everywhere in the house and you had to grab your nose with your fingers to avoid the bad smell when came back home after work? Good news has arrived for you because Happy Loo will take care of it from now on. Here is how it works: Your dog releases on the plate net – the sensor detects and the water flows to clean up after 2 minutes – the sewage goes to the sewage tank. It is simple in design and operation. All you need to do is to order – take – assemble – and locate Happy Loo where your god likes. 


“Dogs do not like sound of water or the plate moving when they release and thereafter. This was the reason the existing moving plates didn’t work. Happy Loo, on the other hand, has a fixed plate and the water comes out after 2 minutes in order not to bother your dog” explains Juhwan Noh, CEO of Dog Toto. 


Happy Loo consists of three parts: a plate, water tank and sewage tank. The plate is 650 mm in length and 510 mm in width which is big enough even for large dogs. The water and sewage tanks can contain 10L water and it lasts for 3 days when a dog uses or 2 days when two dogs use. You can refill the tank with tap water and the throw away the wasted water to the toilet. If you cannot bothered by refilling, you can connect the tank with the water pipes to let it work itself. It is not bulky and heavy so you can move it around and can conveniently disassemble when you move to a new house. Happy Loo is receiving great reviews on shopping malls and social media at the moment.


Dog Toto was established in 2011 and CEO Noh has tasted bitter failures many times before he finally has made a success with Happy Loo. While Happy Loo is creating a sensation in the pet sanitary goods market in the nation, companies in Australia, Germany, China and Mozambique are showing interest and ordering samples. <PowerKorea>

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