Innovative South Korean thermometer Pisis measures temperature from -40℃ to 125℃ within 0.1 second with wow accuracy

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The advent of COVID-19 has brought a boom to quarantine and medical equipment industry. Mask makers enjoyed sudden and explosive amount of orders at the initial stage followed by thermometer and vaccine makers as the pandemic has been going on for 2 years. While masks and vaccines are making their way with trust from majority of people, thermometer has often faced complaints for malfunction and inaccuracy. As the new variant Omicron is spreading fast throughout the globe and the governments are closing the borders, the importance of the role of accurate thermometers is increasing rapidly again in order for people to get into public buildings and commercial shops on the street. If you are looking for accurate thermometers, you might want to pay attention to a South Korean thermometer specialist Pisis.


[Pisis-003, Pisis-707 and Pisis-2021]

Pisis runs three flagship thermometer models: Pisis-003, Pisis-717 and Pisis-2021. 

Pisis-003 is multi-ear infrared thermometer, Pisis-717 multi-skin infrared dual thermometer and Pisis-2021 non-contract skin infrared thermometer. All three are loaded with a number of innovative technologies and functions: body temperature measurement mode, accurate and rapid measurement within 0.1 second after pressing the scan button, precise digital sensor (gold plate), safety & hygiene measurement, available in hot summer and in environments in severe daily temperature differences from -40℃ to 125℃, and the object surface measurement mode. Following are some tips you might want to know about theses cutting edge thermometers: when measuring in winter you get the exact measurement value by measuring the neck area where the body temperature is fully preserved than the forehead; when applying forehead anyway, apply it to the center of the forehead within 2.5cm and it shows the temperature within 0.1 second; you can also apply when checking temperature of feeding bottles, bath water or whatever it can be applicable. It is noteworthy that many thermometers on the market lose its accuracy when the temperature goes down below -16℃. 


[Technology & Functions]

Pisis is second to none when it comes to thermometer technologies. From the circuits in PCB to sensors and LCD, they are all developed by highly experienced and skilled experts of Pisis through years of research, trials and failures. Pisis does not copy similar products of big brands such as Braun or Huvdic but endeavor to make even better products than them. The sensors scan 70 times per second to get the exact temperature and the company calls this cutting edge technology ‘find mode’ which already is patented. 


“Find mode is ergonomically designed and equipped with a function that helps scan the skin surface 70 times per second in a spider web method. Unlike many other similar products on the market, Pisis’ innovative thermometers know not about humidity and frost on and around the LCD screen and the sensor as the scan button removes them within 10 seconds” says Seunghae Yae, CEO of Pisis.


The PC materials applied to the thermometers increased solidness and durability by 50% so that they are less likely damaged when you drop it to the floor by mistake while the surface is antibacterial-coated so that you do not worry about cross infection by using from multiple people. The screen shows different colors according to temperature for you to know a certain temperature instantly from green to yellow to red. If you have a long queue of people waiting for being checked, you do not worry as the thermometer measures and shows the temperature with 0.1 second and it keeps the record for up to 30 checks. If they have not been used for 20 seconds, they turn off themselves to save the battery. 


[Certificates & New Ideas]

Pisis has obtained numerous certificates home and abroad: CE, FCC, GMP, FDA, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Proven in technology and functions, Pisis is now ready to release a speaking thermometer that lets you to hear the information with voice in Korean, English, Spanish and Japanese. When passed a medical device approval alongside a clinical test, CEO Yae and his team are expecting to see this new model in the market around April next year. Currently, Pisis is receiving an increasing number of orders from Mexico. <PowerKorea>

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