Sunggyu Sim holds solo exhibition

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▲ Artist Sunggyu Sim

Back in the days where there were no letters to write, people drew images on surface of stones and rocks. These images were found in caves and rocks. Today, artists can draw images on a variety of materials from paper and canvas to fabric, wood, steel and many more. Yet drawing images on stones still arouse a unique and primitive feel even in this time of highly advanced technologies. 


Artists can either paint or carve images on a stone to create an art work. Carving on a stone in particular takes more time and physical effort. For this reason, it is difficult for the artist to hold exhibitions often. Nevertheless, a South Korean artist Sunggyu Sim has held more than 10 times of solo exhibitions with his works carved on stone plates. The 10th solo exhibition was held 24 to 30 November this year at Gallery All, Insadong, Seoul, under the title <<King of Kings – Father’s Garden>. Three notable works displayed in the exhibition were <Simhyang>, <King of Kings> and <Seesun>. <Simhyang> symbolizes beautiful scent of heart, a wish that people will make their dream come true. <King of Kings> is melted with evergreen pines, love of mother, yearning and scent of heart in a father’s garden. <Seesun> tells that visible objects are in existence of relative value. 


“As far as I know, I’m the only one who create this kind of works. At least I’ve never heard of it. I have my own carving methods and expression styles which protruded spatial concept of painting to a new space” says Sim.


<Father’s Garden>, made in 2016, consists of 5 works about love of family and yearning for the days gone. Each work has each different story but they all become one story when viewed alongside. So the appreciators can either see the work as an individual or as a whole depending on their feeling and interpretation. 


“One of my works displayed at my latest exhibition was themed on an eagle flying around a fall and a lighthouse. The fall symbolizes wealth, fame and power and the eagle flies to me with those energies. The lighthouse symbolizes glory and it means that it will brighten up my wishes and future. These wishes are but <King of Kings> and the endeavor to achieve it is hidden in <Father’s Garden>.”


Sim is the curator of the Suklim Art Center opened in 2008. It is a sculpture gallery and functions as a children’s themed park. It has highest number of works among all art galleries in Yeoju City according to Sim. More than 300 works are kept in its storage. <PowerKorea>

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