South Korean non-fact-to-face solution startup Nalda makes it easy for visitors and travelers to find directions without a hassle

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▲ Nalda / CEO Heonsu Lee

[With Corona]

South Korea has started With Corona from November 2021. But that does not mean we, Koreans, should be careless. Predecessors such as UK and Singapore, for example, saw from thousands to tens of thousands confirmed cases after With Corona. So we must remain alert and follow the quarantine rules. Still good idea is that we should rather keep making most of non-face-to-face lifestyle we have become familiar with since the pandemic. In fact, South Korea not only has proved excellence in containing the virus but also developing and installing non-face-to-face business software and devices.  



Nalda is a South Korean tech venture that shined during the pandemic with its innovative contact-free AI voice recognition kiosk. Installed in public institutions, hospitals, exhibition halls and hotels, the kiosk guides visitors, helps them with transactions, and provides medical help. Cafe Nalda kiosk, for example, is equipped with non-touch speech recognition sensor, distance measure sensor, thermal sensor and camera sensor as well as noise cancelling mike. It detects when a person approaches and take the temperature before entering the building. It recognizes sounds of both standard and various dialects and it is easy to use that even old people can use it without a hassle. It is compatible with the existing POS and credit card terminals and makes operation, sales, transaction and set up more convenient. 



Apart from kiosk, Nalda is introducing chatbot solutions. The catbot installed in the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency building, for example, does multi-tasks: guiding visitors, helping visitors find people or companies they are looking for in the building, helping them find where cafeteria and such are located in the building. The voice recognition traffic information also is worth paying attention as it guides traffic information such as direction and navigation with voice recognition. It can be used in terminals, train stations and tourist spots, and the language option especially helps visitors or tourists find directions easy without a hassle. Heonsu Lee, CEO of Nalda, is ambitious to grow his business as a global voice recognition non-face-to-face solutions provider.


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