Moon attends launching of Nuri

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President Moon attended the launching of Nuri held at the Naro Space Center in Goheung County, South Jeolla Province, on October 21. Nuri was a rocket made solely by South Korean technologies. It went through twice engine sparks, rocket separation, parings and dummy satellite separation but failed to put dummy satellite into orbit. But it was meaningful to push it up to 700km above the Earth. 


Moon encouraged researchers, experts and staff of more than 300 companies and organizations that involved in the launching preparations and processes and showed a deep respect. He said that aerospace technologies were highly protected by countries which have them already and it was really difficult for chasers to obtain; however, South Korea obtained the high precision rocket by our own hands which really was a good start.


He added the government would provide unsparing support with a long term perspective alongside transferring related technologies to private businesses to create and promote the industry in the nation.


South Korea targets to send a rocket to the moon by 2030 by our own hands.


Moon attends G20 Summit 1st Session in Rome


President Moon attended the G20 Summit 1st Session on October 30 and pointed out that the vaccination rate varied severely country to country and it was very important to increase overall rate throughout the globe to go back-to-normal completely. Moon said that the damage and wound of the pandemic was deep and wide and South Korea would fulfill $200 million donation to COVAX (COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access) alongside direct support for countries with vaccine shortages. Moon also emphasized that South Korea would push forward its function as a vaccine manufacturing hub as well as a vaccine and medicine R&D. He closed his speech by saying that international cooperation was a must for inclusive economy, free trade and global supply chain. (PowerKorea)

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