Not driven by school record but driven to grow children’s creativity and English proficiency: Hello Kiddos

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▲ Hello Kiddos / CEO Soosung Lee

South Korean’s fervor for education is second to none in the world. Children, as early as three, start to learn music, art, sports and foreign languages. As they progress to primary, middle and high school, the competition gets heated up and many of them are under stress and pressure to meet expectations of their parents and teachers. Sadly, most of these education programs are set to raise school record rather than growing creativity and thinking ability. In this respect, the move of Hello Kiddos is noteworthy. 

[Hello Kiddos]
Hello Kiddos is English combined smart learning art and music programs that focus on growing children’s creativity and English proficiency. The programs are divided into Kiddos Clip (lesson and video) and Kiddos Book & Kit (teaching materials). The two programs are linked. For example, Kiddos Book helps children learn the song and English expressions after watching Kiddos Clip. It also helps them carry on various tasks such as drawing, coloring and puzzles. Kiddos Kit, on the other hand, lays its importance on stimulating five senses (touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste) and a variety of premium learning materials are provided once a month. Apart from these two programs, Hello Kiddos also runs the field class program Kiddos On Stage in which the teachers, who have more than 10 years of experience in English music education, visit educational institutions to do art classes. 

[CEO and Music Director]
Soosung Lee, CEO of Hello Kiddos, worked as Director of Hello Music Together Korea for 15 years. She believes that Hello Music Together is an excellent baby and children education program in the US but it has some elements that cannot be melted well with Korean children. So she added traditional Korean folk songs as well as original songs to the existing jazz, pop and western classical music. The original music especially is the core part of Hello Kiddos as it involves song writing, lyrics, arranging and recording. “This I think differentiates Hellow Kiddos from similar educational institutions and programs” says Lee. Jeongsik Kim, the music director of Hellow Kiddos, is a music production professor at Kyongbuk Science College. After graduating Berklee College of Music, Massachusetts, US in 2009, he flew back and collaborated with the pianist Yoonsung Jo and released the duo album ‘Reflection’ in 2011. Kim is credited for music directing of the film Angry Painter (2013, director: Kyuhwan Jeon, leading actor: Junsang Yoo). 

[Overseas Market]
Registering the trademark, CEO Lee and her team are now expecting Hellow Kiddos to be used as a teaching material on/offline in kindergartens nationwide. Meanwhile, Lee is ambitious to pioneer huge overseas markets with South East Asia as the starting point. She is eyeing Vietnam and Cambodia first and planning to start services from early 2022. (PowerKorea) 

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