Sending the passed away in dignity without costing an arm and a leg: Gamdong funeral services

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▲ Gamdong / CEOs Dongil Shin and Yujoon Kim

(PowerKorea) Gamdong is a funeral company established by certified funeral celebrants in 2021 to provide ‘touching (gamdong in Korean)’ funeral services for both the passed away and the bereaved. The staff at Gamdong sees that difference between the dead and the alive as the difference between the stopped-breathing and the still-breathing. In other words, they are the same human beings apart from breathing so that every single one of the staff carries out funeral services with utmost care and respect to both the dead and the bereaved.

“We are guides of after world travel. We are psychology counselors who embrace and share the sorrow of the bereaved. And we are florists who lay flowers on the last path of the dead” says Dongil Shin and Yujoon Kim, Co-CEOs of Gamdong.

Shin and Kim observed the existing formality-based funeral services with regret and focused more on valuing the dignified sending away of the dead. Cleaning the body and dressing it with an appropriate garment and laying it right (placing a corpse in a coffin), for this reason, are very important procedures of their services regardless the social and economic status of the dead. The passed away in a coffin looks neat and tidy, as a result, and it looks as if sleeping soundly among flowers.

“Watching how the dead gets laid on a coffin is meaningful because it is the last moment the family and the friends can see their beloved before traveling another world. For the same reason, it is the gravest moment of our services to send away the dead in dignity” says Shin.

Kim met Shin when his grandmother passed away 3 years ago. He then was an air force captain. He watched Shin from washing her hair to laying the body in a coffin with utmost attention to detail and above all respect. 

“I was touched and very impressed by Shin and it made me think that I wanted to do something I can help and comfort others during my life. So I started learning the work from Shin and some funeral celebrants in the same mind also joined afterwards. So we eventually launched Gamdong under the same philosophy that would differentiate our services from others” says Kim.

It is praiseworthy that Gamdong donates part of the service fee to charity in the name of the passed away. If the dead loved nature while living, the donation goes to UNESCO. If the dead loved children, the donation goes to children’s charity. If the dead engaged in volunteer, the donation goes to charity organizations home and abroad including the Doctors Without Borders. 

“You can pay the fee which is absolutely affordable without costing an arm and a leg after the services. We have excellent client reviews and we feel proud to expand our services nationwide within 3 years” says Kim.

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