Jaemyung Lee wins presidential candidate of Democratic Party

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Current governor of Gyeonggi Province Jaemyung Lee has won the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, announced on September 10. Lee received 719,905 votes in total (50.29%) on the day and is going to the final without the run-off election. His competitor Nakyon Lee received 560,392 votes in total (39.14%) followed by Miae Choo 129,035 (9.01%) and Yongjin Park 22,261 (1.55%). The number of total electoral votes was 2,169,511 and the number of total valid votes was 1,459,992. The turnout of voters was 67.30%. Nakyon Lee chased fast on the latter phase of the election on the Daejang-dong Gate which played negatively to Jaemyung Lee but had to taste the bitterness of defeat after all. 

[Winning Factors]
The winner Jaemyung Lee has pledged: strong economy stimulation polices, innovative future industry promotion, creating quality jobs, rational regulations, increased art and culture support, introducing basic income, real residence-based real estate policies, financial limit to speculation-driven housing obtainment, and balanced and expanded supply of housing. Lee is credited for his administrative capabilities proved during his term as the mayor of Seongnam City. He started his first official move as the rightful presidential candidate of the Democratic Party by paying a respect to the patriots under eternal sleep at the Daejeon National Cemetery. (PowerKorea) 

Seokyoul Yoon yet to prove his eligibility for the final by keeping his leading

Leading ‘People Power Party’ presidential candidate Seokyoul Yoon has pledged: 10 trillion won ($83 billion) COVID-19 emergency relief, balanced baby and nursery teacher ratio, supplying less than 85 square meter house at cost price and extra point when veterans buying house. Yoon is struggling with unfavorable factors from his wife, mother in law and recently the Hwachundaeyu Asset Management chairman’s buying of the house of Yoon’s father. Yoon is pouring out his fires to Democratic Party presidential candidate Jaemyung Lee on Daejang-dong Gate, demanding a special prosecutor to investigate the Gate. He has sked Lee to step down from the election as the key player of the Gate Donggyu Yoo has been arrested. (PowerKorea) 

Joonpyo Hong yet to prove his eligibility for the final by beating Seokyoul Yoon

Presidential candidate Joonpyo Hong of the People Power Party has brought up strong pledges to beat his competitors: weeding out of the rigid nobility labor unions, disbanding the Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union, execution of death-row convicts, strong US-ROK alliance, no support to North without giving up nuke, re-introduction of veterans extra point, maintaining bar exam and national college entrance exam, and introducing quarter apartments (1/4 price of the current market price). Hong is famous for being the prosecutor appeared in the popular TV series Sandglass (1995), starred by Sangwon Park. He stepped into politics in 1996 and has been elected 5 times as lawmaker and once served as the governor of South Gyeongsang Province. He challenged for the 19th presidential election against current President Moon but had to drink a bitter glass of defeat. This time, he opened his TV Hongkacola Youtube channel to better engage with young people whom he has relatively less support. Runner-up candidate after Seokyoul Yoon, he recently has bombed on the Yoon’s show off of his king mark on the palm which Hong calls it ‘talisman election’ and ‘shaman election’ in this day and age. Yoon actually appeared on a TV debate with his hand marked the word King. He explained that his ardent supporter old woman drew it so he had to keep her support by not removing it. (PowerKorea) 

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