Baekga Somok’s mastery wooden props and mini signboards build brand recognition among interior hipsters

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▲ Baekga Somok / CEO Dongmeong Baek

(PowerKorea) Wood is one of the most used materials for humans to make something useful. As the technology advances, humans came to know how to turn stones and metals into forms which normally were made of wood. Nevertheless, wood is still loved and used in many goods and structures even in this age of cutting edge tech society. Some wood masters are so passionate that they have carried on their expertise in nothing but only in wood for many years and South Korean interior props company Baekga Somok has walked a single path for more than 60 years. 

If the last 50 years of Baekga Somok was a time to accumulate knowledge and experience, the last 10 years have been a time to build brand recognition through trendy designs with its unique value in mini signboards. Baekga Somok covers from props such as mini signboards, acoustic wood speakers, wood lanterns and wood mood lamps to doors, closets and desks sold conveniently on Naver shopping and Idus online with positive reviews. 

Taekeong Baek, father of Dongmeong Baek, has worked as a master carpenter making specifically props, doors and windows for more than 40 years. He established Shinjin Mokgong, the direct ancestor of Baekga Somok which was established in 2016 by his son. Having had more than 10 years of expertise in interior props and accessories, Dongmeong is imbuing his passion into every single work with utmost attention to detail and latest trend.

The son has used most of his father’s mastery skills and traditional ways of making techniques to answer upgraded taste of consumes who value eco-friendly wooden materials in sophisticated design and form. As part of this effort, the son also is using the benefits of CNC and LED technologies which are the tools to fill up the gaps that cannot be filled with traditional methods. In addition, Dongmeong is ambitious to run training and consulting courses for selling, marketing and opening up a business soon. 

“It is my goal to use my name Baek Dong Meong as a brand name when the time comes like those luxury brands in the world” says the son. 

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