Korea Institute of Music Emotional Education wins 2021 Korea Culture Management Awards in emotional education

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▲ Korea Institute of Music Emotional Education / Director Eunheong Lee

(PowerKorea) The Korea Institute of Music Emotional Education was established to help children expose to diverse environment and experience and grow their emotional contact with others. Children use various musical instruments such as piano, ukulele, ocarina and mbira as tools to express their thoughts and feelings. Through this process, they find their personality, aptitude and talent and learn how to interact with others in harmony. 

“There is no such thing as correct answer when it comes to music. No expression is wrong. Children make their voice through music and each voice can create a beautiful harmony. Music is a small society where players exchange their thoughts and feelings, understand differences and work together. This is the reason I established the Korea Institute of Music Emotional Education” says Director Eunheong Lee.

Music always has been in the lives of people. Humans made music instruments from trees and animal skins to express their feelings and they gathered together to sing a song to demand for their needs and wants. The right side of our brain, related to sentiments, stops producing new cells when we reach 13, so it is important for children to make their emotional experience rich. 

At the Korea Institute of Music Emotional Education, says Lee, children not only learn music but also learn how to express their feelings, how to communicate and how to engage. Background story of each musician is provided and humanities and world history also come along when necessary for children to better understand the piece. 

“If a child listens to a piece of music from beginning to end, the child can listen to others attentively. Listening to what other say is the very beginning of building one’s attitude to others because opinions are often different person by person. In other words, it is a great way of training their social ability. It is interesting to know that ears are the first organs a baby in a womb develops” explains Lee.

Having secured confidence in children, Lee is now expanding the scope of her programs to pregnant women, and elderlies as a tool to improve symptoms of dementia. Also introduced are picture book therapy and more genres of music such as jazz and folk music to create a synergy of the programs.

The Korea Institute of Music Emotional Education has 38 branches nationwide and runs various certificate courses for those who are interested in musical education.  

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